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Plastic case power supply

Plastic case power supply is fire and high temperature resistance

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Power adapter

Plastic Case Power Supply

full power

safe and stable

high temperature fire prevention

Plastic Case Power Supply1


EMI absorption magnetic ring,
it also has EMI absorption magnetic ring
capability of receiving electrostatic pulse,
make electronic equipment reach magnetic compatibility(EMI/EMC)
and the corresponding international standards for electrostatic discharge.

Plastic Case Power Supply2

Personalized Private Model High-End Design

Maverick Appearance

Plastic Case Power Supply3

High Temperature Fireproof Shell

High Temperature Fireproof Shell

The Shell is made Of PC+ABS Fireproof material, High Temperature Flame retardant.

High Temperature does Not Burn, Eliminating Safety Hazards!

Plastic Case Power Supply4

PC+ABS Fireproof material

intelligent multiple protection system

the built-in multi-clock intelligent protection module

can effectively prevent  short circuit, over current,

over voltage and other problems.

safe and worry-free, take care of your charging equipment!

Plastic Case Power Supply3

quality assurance

all products use high-quality raw materials and advanced technology

Plastic Case Power Supply5
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