6 Amazing LED Strip Lighting Ideas For Your Cabinets | Which Will Make Your Cabinets Look Attractive


If your home is renovating, if you want to install light strips, it is recommended to reserve the circuit direction in advance during the special water and electricity stage before the decoration to facilitate the later installation of light strips.

Do you know? YIFORD's LED soft light strips are installed in the background wall, which is also very good. How to design the background wall lighting? What kind of lighting is suitable? You can read this article,there are many case diagrams for your reference.

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If you want to make the light uniform, the brightness is soft and not dazzling, you should choose the COB light strip from YIFORD.

Compared with traditional SMD soft light strips, COB light strips have no graininess, the density of the lamp beads can almost emit light in a line, and the color consistency is high. It can replace some high-density light strips on the market. COB not only saves costs, but also Solve the problems of graininess, chromatic aberration and easy soldering. YIFORD's COB soft light strip can disperse the heat of the chip, improve the light efficiency and improve the glare effect of LED lights.

The luminous effects of COB light strips and SMD light strips are shown in the figure:

Let's take a look at the video of the COB light strip:

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YIFORD’s COB light strips come in a variety of colors. What color is suitable?

The indoor lighting color of the family should be neutral light or warm light as much as possible.

If the color of the background wall light belt is darker on the top wall or if you want to highlight it with a specific material, use white light. On the one hand, it is brighter, and on the other hand, it has a better performance effect on the surface material. If you want to emphasize the atmosphere, or don't want to be too bright, use warm light.

Yiford provides you with a reference for the color temperature of the light. In general, we recommend using a warm white light of about 3500K for the light in the general home, so that the lighting environment is more warm and protects the eyes, and it will not affect the color of other decorative surfaces. (About 4000K is neutral light, 6000K is positive white light). The restaurant can use 3000K lights, which can make food shiny and more appetizing;

If you like to choose different colors of lights at different times or scenes, you can also choose YIFORD's dual-color temperature soft light strips​ with a remote control to freely control the color and brightness of the scene light. If you want the light to be soft and warm, you can choose a warm white. If you want the light to be brighter, you can choose a positive white.

This two-color temperature adjustable COB soft light bar can be seen in the video below

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If you like to make the room colorful, such as white, red, green, blue, pink, purple, etc., you can install YIFORD's RGB soft light stripsbehind the TV or on the ceiling. The effect is as follows:

Well, the above briefly introduced to you, the importance and artistry of background lighting in home background wall decoration, then we must pay attention to avoid the following problems in practical applications:

  1. It is not possible to install the background light for the purpose of installing the background light. You must consider the size of the room wall and choose the appropriate background light;
  2. The brightness of the light is not easy to be too bright or too dark, and the appropriate illuminance will make the room more warm and comfortable;
  3. When decorating the background wall, pay attention to the overall color matching. Do not enter the misunderstanding that the richer the color, the better the atmosphere will be created. It must be coordinated with the overall home matching, and not too abrupt and destroy the beauty of the entire home decoration.

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