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how to choose suitable color temperature

LED lighting one of most important: suitable color temperature!

If the color temperature is wrong, no matter how expensive the decoration cost is, it will be in vain!

This article will tell you about how to choose suitable color temperature

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LED light strip color temperature:

LED light strip refers to the heating of a standard black body. The color starts to a certain degree of color start by dark red-light red-orange-white-blue, gradually change, a source is the same as the color of the black body, we will The absolute temperature of the black body is called the color temperature of the LED light source. Color temperature, in layman's terms, is the perception of the human eye seeing the light source. The light color is yellow or white, cold or warm, and its unit is K (Kelvin). People have different requirements for color temperature in different periods.

suitable color temperature
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The lower the color temperature value, the warmer the light color. The higher the color temperature value, the cooler the light color.

During the day, the color temperature of daylight also changes constantly. For example, the color temperature before sunrise is blue, the color temperature after sunrise is orange, the color temperature at noon is white, and the color temperature at night is yellow, and so on.
The main reason for the change in the color of sunlight is the reflection of the atmosphere, not because the temperature of the sun has changed drastically.
The color temperature of daylight changes with changes in climate, season, time, and weather, among which changes in time and weather have the most obvious impact on the color temperature of daylight.

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The color of the light also has a great influence on the feeling of the entire space, and different occasions require different lights.

Speaking of the importance of lighting, it is often overlooked. The right choice of lighting is often an organic unity of “beauty” needs and “healthy” needs.
The beauty lies in: ①creating a living atmosphere; ②fitting the overall style.
And health is comfortable, soft and non-glaring light, which is not easy to cause physical fatigue.
So how can we match the light that meets the dual needs of beauty and health? Today I will teach you a little trick: look at the color temperature!

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color temperatures

Let's take a look at the actual shooting effects of several different color temperatures, and show them to everyone in the form of video, the colors will be more realistic. Generally, the color temperature of conventional LED lamps is 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K.

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white three colors

Warm white light is about 3000K. The color of warm white light is similar to that of incandescent light. There are more red light components, giving people a warm, healthy, and comfortable feeling. It is suitable for bedrooms or colder places.

White LED Strips Lights With Different Color Temperature

flexible cob led strip lights

COB soft light strip with color temperature around 3000K

cob white 4000k

COB soft light strip with color temperature around 3000K4

USB led lighting

COB soft light strip with color temperature around 6000K

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What occasions are different color temperatures used for?

When we buy bedroom lamps, we will find that many bedroom lamps have three levels of warm light, neutral light, and white light. Among them, warm light is very suitable and easy to sleep.
Neutral light is about 4000K, close to natural light, white light is yellowish. The color temperature of the lights in the big shopping malls and hotels is basically about 4000K, and the light is soft, which makes people feel happy, comfortable and peaceful.
Under normal circumstances, warm colors are the most suitable for living room lighting. The color temperature during the day can be maintained between 5400-6500K, and at night, warm white light can be used. The color temperature is generally lower than 5400K. It is best to use standard warm colors with a color temperature of 2800-3200K. White light source.
Cool white light is about 6000K, which is positive white light or cold white light. The highest color temperature of the European standard is 6000K, the light is all white, slightly bluish, and the color is cold. It has a bright feeling and makes people concentrate. It is suitable for home kitchen or office, classroom, drawing room, library reading room, exhibition window, etc.

About CCT color change COB LED Strips

what is CCT white led strip lights

Adjustable white light COB soft light strip, also called CCT cob led strip lights, Tunable white lighting, its technology is defined as the ability to control a light source’s color temperature output.
Yiford has implemented this technology into the COB LED strip lighting products. Using alternating LED chips of different color temperatures, you are able to use one strip and a remote to blend the LEDs and control the strip light’s output anywhere within the specified range.
Yiford offer a variety of CCT ranges that can best suit your project’s application. Select your perfect color temperature on one strip.

播放有关的视频 cct tunable white

adjustable white COB soft light strip


CCT light strip is installed in the refrigerator

In summary, the color temperature of home lighting is generally between 2500k-5000k, the most commonly used is warm white light 3000-4000k, this range is closer to natural light, not too yellow or too white.
In home lighting, there is no accurate standard for the choice of lamp color temperature. It needs to be determined by combining the decoration style, lighting space and personal preferences. You may wish to refer to the above introduction and choose your favorite. Perhaps it is the most suitable.

Summary: When choosing color temperature lamps, be aware of the lighting requirements of the environment.

In low illumination situations: low color temperature light makes people feel happy and relaxed; high color temperature makes people feel dim and cool;
High illuminance occasions: low color temperature light makes people feel stuffy; high color temperature makes people feel comfortable and happy.
The workplace needs a high illuminance and high color temperature environment, and the rest place needs a low illuminance and low color temperature environment.
You can purchase suitable lamps according to actual application scenarios, or consult a professional lighting designer.

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how to choose suitable color temperature