Unique Lighting Ideas For Rooms Without Main Lights | 14 Questions with Answers in LIGHTING DESIGN


No main lighting design is a very popular lighting design method in the past two years. It is sought after by many people, but not all people and all houses are suitable. The design without the main lamp is more challenging. It is necessary to ensure the overall atmosphere while taking into account the lighting function. The selection of lamps, the arrangement of lamps and the installation of lamps are very particular, and the decision should be made according to the situation of your own home. Finding a home that suits you is a good lighting solution.

What are the common precautions for the design of no main lamp? First of all, let's understand what a masterless lamp is.

01. What is no main light?

"Lighting without main light" is a way of expression in lighting design. The so-called main lamp is generally a large lamp in the middle of the living room, dining room, and bedroom to illuminate the entire room. The main lamp is generally a chandelier or a ceiling lamp, which has a decorative effect in addition to the lighting function.

Main lampless lighting refers to the multi-interface and multi-level lighting method for ceilings, walls, and floors by combining points, lines and surfaces according to the different needs of the space under the condition of abandoning the traditional single main lamp design. It is generally selected Light strips, downlights, spotlights, floor lamps and other small lamps.