The light is a spatial soul, under the demand for residentialization, people’s appeals against lighting, also rises from the basic lighting environment to create an atmosphere, and pursue more comfortable lighting environments.

If you want to achieve satisfactory decoration, especially focus on the choice and design of the light!
This article takes you to decrypt the main lamp lighting design common 14 questions!

No main lighting design is a very popular lighting design method in the past 2 years. It is sought after by many people, but not all people and all houses are suitable. The design without the main lamp is more challenging. It is necessary to ensure the overall atmosphere while taking into account the lighting function. The selection of lamps, the arrangement of lamps and the installation of lamps are very particular, and the decision should be made according to the situation of your own home. Finding a home that suits you is a good lighting solution.

What are the common precautions for the design of no main lamp?
First of all, let’s understand what a masterless lamp is.

01. What is no main light?

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no main light Means what

"Lighting without main light" is a way of expression in lighting design. The so-called main lamp is generally a large lamp in the middle of the living room, dining room, and bedroom to illuminate the entire room. The main lamp is generally a chandelier or a ceiling lamp, which has a decorative effect in addition to the lighting function.

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main lighting and no main lighting

Its advantage is that the different light sources brought by different lamps are more uniform than the main lighting (the earliest lighting method), the visual effect is more simple and refreshing, and the whole space is more layered and stylish, which is very strong. An immersive experience. Main lampless lighting refers to the multi-interface and multi-level lighting method for ceilings, walls, and floors by combining points, lines and surfaces according to the different needs of the space under the condition of abandoning the traditional single main lamp design. It is generally selected Light strips, downlights, spotlights, floor lamps and other small lamps.

What lamp is used for the design without main lamp?
1. Downlight
It is named after the appearance of a barrel. The light source is diffuse, with a wide light distribution and no condensing. It can be installed in two forms: bright and concealed; it provides a uniform, comfortable and soft light source for the room.
2. Spotlight
The spotlight is a typical non-main light, and the light source is a spotlight type; the illuminance is controllable, and the angle can be freely combined and changed. It can be used for local lighting and can also create an indoor lighting atmosphere.
3. Light strip
The light strip is a typical design that sees the light but not the light. It is generally hidden on the ceiling, wall or ground, which can expand the space visually and has uniform illumination.
4. Track lights
The track light is an evolution of the spotlight, which can be well integrated with most home decoration styles.
5. Wall lamp
Household wall lamps generally adopt a semi-shading shape with low color temperature, which will not make people feel dazzling at night, and can create a calm and tranquil atmosphere.
6. Floor lamp
Compared with desk lamps, floor lamps can freely adjust the angle of illumination, combined with downlights or spotlights on the top surface, and the upper and lower light sources complement each other to meet the lighting needs in large spaces.

About LED soft light strip

What is the LED soft lamp strip? We first see this 30-second short film, this is the latest soft led strips, no spotless area, its brightness, can be directly used, can also hide in the wall.

Warm White Light Strip

dotless led light strips

You can see the video, this optical strip is very uniform, no need for aluminum profiles and soft masks can form a linear light source, more beautiful than the point-like light source of the SMD soft strip. Compared to traditional SMD soft strips, COB lamps have no grain feeling, the lamp is almost uncommon, and the color consistency is high, and some high-density light strips on the market can save only costs, but also Solved the problem of particle, color difference, and easy domain. Yiford's COB soft bar has a dispersion chip for heat, improves the glare effect of improvement of LED lamps.

How To Connect
How To Connect

how to cut connect power led strip lights

​ The video is displayed for 5 meters long, the weight is very light, less than 100g, the standard packaging is 5 meters. You can also cut into the length you want. After cut, you can use it again. Use Yiford's soldering joints, you can complete the light strip again for a second, and you can't see the gap after lighting, firm and solid. If you want to know how to cut how to connect it, please refer to Yiford's blog or video 

DIY led strips for background lighting
Do you still want to know how to quickly use the light with DIY’s background wall light? Very simple。
10 minutes to make a colorful lighting on background? is it possible?
we know led strip is light, high brightness, flexible,slim,and with a lot of applications. Today I will show you how to use the COB led strips to make a beautiful light for this background.

02. Common problems of no main light design

Question 1: Does the design without the main light really remove the main light?

Answer: The cleverness of the no-main light design lies in hiding all the light sources, and the light source distribution is very comfortable and artistic effect. This kind of lighting method is very popular in the minimalist style.
Professional lighting designers generally divide lighting into main lighting, auxiliary light sources, ambient lighting, and decorative lighting. Many designers do not understand lighting design. Without a main light is not simply removing the main light, but integrating the illuminance of the light. , Atmosphere and lighting methods.

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Question 2: Is the design without main light suitable for all styles of home space?

Answer: Although the main lamp design is gradually accepted by consumers, not all decoration styles are applicable. No main lamp design is mainly suitable for minimalist, simple, light luxury and other design schemes. In European, American, Chinese and other design schemes, the main lamp is necessary to exist. The random combination of no main lamp design will only make the decoration appear Nondescript, destroying the original design beauty.

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Question 3: Is it necessary to use a ceiling for lighting without a main lamp? Is there a requirement for floor height?

Answer: It is not necessary to make a ceiling without a main light. It depends on the types of lamps such as downlights and spotlights. If it is a surface-mounted type, no ceiling is needed. If it is an embedded type, a ceiling is required.
The floor height is not high, and the surface installation is selected: The surface-mounted design without the main lamp has low requirements for the floor height. But the disadvantage is that the shape of the top surface is not uniform, and there is no built-in effect, minimalist atmosphere, and the sense of open space is relatively weak.
The floor height is allowed, and the built-in option is selected: After the ceiling and lamps are installed, the large area shall not be less than 2.6M, and the small area shall not be less than 2.4M, otherwise it will easily cause a sense of space depression. You can choose a built-in lamp with a lower thickness, which can reduce the thickness of the ceiling a bit. But if the thickness of the ceiling is really limited, there is no built-in type without main lamp lighting.

Lighting For Room Design 4

Question 4: Will the budget for designing without a main lamp be much larger than that of general lighting? Do you need a professional lighting designer?

Answer: Actually, the lighting layout is far from being as simple as what we see on the surface. What you see behind the simplicity and cleanness must be complicated wiring and occlusion.

Lighting For Room Design 5

No main light design, pay attention to zoning scattered lighting, the types of lamps involved are various, and the light effects are also different, according to different scenes and different frequencies of use, that is to say, the various types of lights in each area of the home can be separated In this way, the lighting design of the system and the early wiring will involve a series of complicated procedures such as ceiling, slotting, and pre-embedding.
At the same time, the later installation and debugging are also very important, and it is no better than the design with the main light. simple. On the contrary, the cost will be higher.

In addition, if you want to plan the lighting of the whole house from the layout to the color temperature to the layout, you must find a lighting designer with professional theoretical knowledge, and resolutely put an end to “take it for granted” design.

Lighting For Room Design 6

Question 5: For illuminating the wall, will the effect of washing the wall with polarized light be better?

Answer: There is no lighting effect that is better than the other. There is only a more suitable way to use it in different scenes.
If a wall emphasizes the overall sense, such as painting a wall, the wall is already very rich, and we don’t need cumbersome elements, then the method of washing the wall with polarized light is a better choice. On the contrary, the wall itself has a sense of rhythm. It is a better choice to use spotlights to make a uniform light spot so that the light spot matches the wall texture.

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Question 6: Do you need spotlights directly above the TV?

Answer: Many people worry that this lamp will cause glare on the TV screen, but in fact it does not. Instead, they need to worry that due to the limitation of the installation position, the spotlights and downlights will leave excessively bright spots on the wall and finally scattered. The attention of watching TV affects the perception experience.
In addition, the turn-on time of this light also needs to be studied. Will we really turn it on at the moment of watching the movie? Or is it just the expression of the normal pattern on the wall? Based on these similar questions, decide whether it is necessary.

Lighting For Room Design 7

​Question 7: Does the color temperature of the strip light need to be separated from the color temperature of the downlight?

Answer: Many people have this problem with color temperature matching. It is recommended that the control of color temperature in the early stage is not so accurate. In the same space and the same vision, the color temperature matching should not exceed ±500K.
For example, the spotlight uses 4000K, and the light strip can be considered. 3500K, this will relatively reduce the color temperature mismatch.

Lighting For Room Design 8

Question 8: What is the effect of the magnetic lamp?

Answer: Magnetic lamp is a popular kind of lamp. Compared with the characteristics of magnetic attraction, its greater feature is that it can meet the needs of decoration, and it can integrate different types of lights (such as spotlights, linear lights, wall washers, etc.) using magnetic attraction systems. It also doesn’t look messy, and the tracks that can be freely combined can also form a landscape on its own.

Lighting For Room Design 9

​ Question 9: How to choose the power and illuminance of commonly used spotlights?

Answer: It is not possible to choose the illuminance when choosing lamps and lanterns first, and the illuminance is defined according to the design of different spaces. The power of lamps is not the only one. The wattages of 5W, 7W, 10W are commonly used in homes, but the specifics are determined according to the actual plan.

Interior Lighting Design 45

Question 10: Is the illuminance enough for some duplex and high-rise living rooms without a main lamp? What should I do if it looks monotonous and hollow?

Answer: The high ceiling space with a floor height of more than 5 meters, such as villas and duplex buildings, although the small angle can satisfy the lighting effect, but in terms of the space decoration effect, it still needs some styling and textured lamps to decorate to make the space aesthetic. Supplement.

Lighting For Room Design 17

​If you feel that it is not easy to do without the main light, you can boldly try the scheme with the main light. The lantern can improve the decorative attributes of the space, which is a very important part. At the same time, we can start from the facade of the space. Hollow spaces generally have walls with a main perspective. We need to consider the expression of these walls. We can also arrange some middle and low-level lighting to increase the richness and level of the middle layer.

Lighting For Room Design 10

Question 11: What is the general distance between the chandeliers above the coffee table?

Answer: Generally, it will be designed according to the size of the coffee table. More often, in the case of three lamps with 75mm openings, a spacing of about 500mm can be used. If the openings are smaller, more installations can be made and the spacing can be reduced accordingly.

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Question 12: Is it suitable for children's rooms to be designed without a main light?

Answer: There are some controversies as to whether the children’s room is suitable for design without a main lamp. In fact, for children, we need to pay attention to protecting children’s vision health and sufficient brightness. Because children have rich behavioral habits, even and bright light can meet their various needs such as reading and playing.
Therefore, children’s rooms can be designed with indirect lighting + decorative main light, or without main light. As long as you don’t pay too much attention to the atmosphere and ensure functional lighting, you can also design the number of lamps, illuminance, color temperature, etc. A comfortable and healthy space.

Lighting Ideas For Your Cabinets

Question 13: No main light pays attention to the level of atmosphere. Should there be old people in the family, should we carefully consider it?

Due to their own physiological conditions, the decline in visual function of the elderly leads to reduced vision. Even and transparent light will make them feel more comfortable and safer. The light and dark levels of the light source without the main lamp design can easily cause the visual fatigue of the elderly. If the design is not properly designed, there will be dark areas, and there will be a risk of falling.
Because the elderly generally don’t like direct strong light, it is best not to use downlights, spotlights and other lights that directly stimulate the retina. If you want to use it, you must choose a luminaire with anti-glare treatment. Generally, you can choose a diffusely reflective light source or a desk lamp or chandeliers with no bulbs visible.

Lighting For Room Design 12

If you want to take into account the atmosphere and lighting needs of the elderly room, you can use decorative lights + main lights + floor lamps to complement each other. The main lamp brings absolutely sufficient lighting; the decorative lamp is located beside the bed or is designed with intelligent sensor light strips around the bed; the floor lamp meets all the lighting needs before sleep, and the light is just right.

Question 14: When is the best time to plan for lighting design without main lighting?

The lighting layout should be planned before the water and electricity enter the site. All locations that may need to reserve lights need to be reserved for wiring when the water and electricity enter the site, so it is best to plan at the same time as the switch socket to avoid the difficulty of rework later.

Lighting For Room Design 13

Its practicality does not need to be designed without a main lamp, and the final foothold is still based on actual life needs. Lighting design is a science, no matter whether the masterless lighting design is suitable for you or not, we should not settle down on this trivial matter at home. On the road to pursuing a quality life, light gives us beauty.

Yiford's COB lamp strip has multiple colors, what kind of color is selected?

Feature 10 Colorful

The home indoor light color is as mainly in neutral light or heating.
Background Wall Light Belt Color If the top wall is dark, the color is dark or the specific material wants to be highlighted, and it is highlighted in white, on the one hand, on the other hand, there is a good performance effect on the surface material. If you want to highlight your atmosphere, you don’t want to be too bright, use warm light.

Tunable White Led Strips--Cct White Color Temperature Change Cob Led Strips

Yiford provides you with a reference for light color temperature. Generally, the light in the family we recommend using warm white light around 3500K, so that the lighting environment is relatively warm and protects the eyes, nor does it affect the color of other decorative faces. (4000K is neutral light, 6000K is white light). The restaurant can use 3000K lights to make food gloss more appetite;

Different Color Temperature Of The Light

​If you like to select light lights in different time or scenes, you can also choose Yiford’s two-color mild soft strip with a remote control, free domain light color and brightness. If you want the light to warm, you can choose warm white, if you want the light to be bright, you can choose to do it. This two-color temperature-adjustable COB soft strip can look at the video below:

If you like to make the room color, such as your own white, red, green, blue, pink, purple, etc., you can use the RGB soft strip of Yiford behind the TV or the ceiling, the effect is as shown:

In practical applications, we must pay attention to avoid the following questions:
1. Can not load the background light in order to load the background light, be sure to consider the size of the living room, select the appropriate background lamp;
2, the brightness of the light is not easy to be too dark, and the appropriate illuminance will make the room more warm and comfortable;
3, when doing the background wall decoration, pay attention to the overall color matching, you can’t enter the color of color, the more you can create a good atmosphere, you must coordinate with the overall home match, you must not be too abrupt, destroy the beauty of the whole home

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