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LED Neon Silicone LED Channel Tube For LED Strip Lights
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Silicone LED Channel Tube For LED Strip Lights --LED Neon Lights

What is LED Neon LED Silicone Sleeve?

LED light strip silicone led channel tube is a highly transparent silicone sleeve specially used for LED light strips. It is an LED auxiliary accessory and plays the role of heat insulation, anti-collision, waterproof, etc. It is also called neon sleeve, flexible neon sleeve Siphon, LED waterproof casing, led neon light strips. etc.
Neon LED strips can get you the retro neon glass light look without all the hassle of installing glass fiaxtures at an affordable price. LED neon flex ropes are mainly for decorations. We can see them everywhere in night clubs, shops and many events.
Yiford neon light strips are extremely flexible, custom cuttable, and available in a number of colors.

What is the performance of the silicone sleeve for LED light strips?

1. Non-toxic, odorless, high transparency, high flame retardancy, long-term use will not turn yellow;
2. High softness, good elasticity, ozone resistance, voltage resistance, kink resistance and no deformation;
3. No cracking, long service life, cold resistance and high temperature resistance;
4. Has high tear strength and superior electrical properties;

What is the function of the silicone sleeve of the LED light strip?

It is widely used in the LED flexible light strip industry, suitable for 4mm-50mm flexible circuit boards (through casing, glue filling, glue dripping processing technology), and plays a waterproof and protective role.
The product is non-toxic and tasteless; high transparency and high light transmittance.
Long-term use will not yellow, embrittle, and crack.
It has excellent properties such as ozone resistance, voltage resistance, cold resistance, high and low temperature resistance.

How to choose silicone led sleeve?

Before purchasing LED silicone sleeves, you need to first understand the needs of the project

1. Which direction is the light emitting?

Need top view lighting or side view lighting? What are the requirements for the lighting angle? such as 120 degree, or 180 degree, 270 degree, or 360 degree lighting, round led lighting?

2. What size do I need to be?

What size do you need? the larger size will have a wider light-emitting area and higher illumination. Large size silicone light strips can accommodate wider light strips, such as neon strip top view 5025mm led tube, this sleeve tube can be placed 20mm wide led strip lights,  It can also accommodate light strips with a width of no more than 20mm, such as 15mm wide light strips/10mm wide light strips/2pcs10mm wide light strips/8mm wide light strips/2pcs 8mm wide light strips belt can be used.

3. what size and which light strip will be used for this neon flex led tube?

What is the width of the light strip you are installing? For different sizes of LED light strips, we have designed a variety of sizes of silicone sleeves, such as for 5mm LED light strips, 8MM LED light strips, 10MM LED light strips, 12MM LED strip, larger than 12MM LED strip, etc. In addition, there are light strips with a width of 3mm, which are suitable for small spaces.

4. Are there any special requirements for the color of the silicone sleeve?

Whether you need a white shell or a black shell or the multicolor silicone sleeve, the conventional one is white, which is the most widely used, but there are also black shells, which are black when not emitting light. Other colors, such as red, green, blue, yellow, orange, etc., are mostly used in advertising signs, contour lights, etc. The color of the silicone is consistent with the color of the light strip, and it blends better with the environment.

5. Do I need a full casing or a U-shaped half casing?

The conventional silicone sleeve is fully enclosed. According to the different needs of customers, YIFORD also provides a half-sleeve U-shaped tube with an upper or lower opening, which is convenient for installing LED light strips. The top opening can be filled with glue to make a fully waterproof waterproof light strip, and the bottom opening is very convenient to install the LED light strip, without any tools or skills, the LED light strip can be put into the U-shaped half-open silicone sleeve .

Osa numeroOsion koko
Valon suuntaPCB:n leveys
KuvaKoko piirustusKatso Käytä
YF-TVD13pyöreä halkaisija 13pyöristää5TVD13 1TVD13 2TVD13 4
YF-TVD20pyöreä halkaisija 20pyöristää10TVD20 1TVD20 2TVD20 3
YF-TVD22Hpyöreä halkaisija 20pyöristääKaksipuoleinen 8TVD22H 1Silicone LED Channel System TVD22HTVD22H 3
YF-TVD40pyöreä halkaisija 40pyöristääKaksipuolinen puoli 10SDD40 1 1SDD40 2 1SDD40 3 1
YF-SV03083*8Sivukuva5SV0308 2SV0308 1SV0308 3
YF-SV04104*10Sivukuva5/6SV0410 2 1SV0410 1 1SV0410 3 1
YF-SV06126*12Sivukuva8silicone led tubeSV0612 2SV0612H 4
YF-SV0612H6*12Sivukuva8SV0612H 1Silicone LED Channel System SV0612HSV0612H 4
YF-SV0616H26*12Sivukuva8SV0616H2 1Silicone LED Channel System SV0616H2SV0616H2 4
YF-SV0616H36*16Sivukuva8Silicone LED Channel System SV0616H3Silicone LED Channel System SV0616H3SV0616H2 4
YF-SV08158*15Sivukuva5SV0815 1SV0815 2SV0815 3
YF-SV08178*17Sivukuva8SV0817 1SV0817 2SV0817 3
YF-SV101810*18Sivukuva10SV1018 1SV1018 2SV1018 3
YF-SV102310*23Sivukuva10SV1023 1SV1023 2SV1023 4
YF-SV1023H10*23Sivukuva10SV1023H 1Silicone LED Channel System SV1023HSV1023H 3
YF-SV121212*12Sivukuva8SV1212 1SV1212 2SV1212 3
YF-SV122012*20Sivukuva10SV1220 1SV1220 2SV1220 4
YF-SV1220B12*20Sivukuva10SV1220B 1SV1220B 2SV1220B 3
YF-SV1220C10*20Sivukuva10SV1220C 1SV1220C 2SV1220C 3
YF-SV1220H10*20Sivukuva10SV1220H 1Silicone LED Channel System SV1220HSV1220H 3
YF-SV122512*25Sivukuva12SV1225 1SV1225 2SV1225 3
YF-SV06136*13Sivukuva8SV1613 1SV1613 2SV1613 3
YF-SV161616*16Sivukuva10SV1616 1SV1616 2SV1616 3
YF-SV202020*20Sivukuva10/12SV2020 1SV2020 2SV2020 3
YF-SV302030*20Sivukuva15SV3020 1SV3020 2SV3020 3
YF-SVD22pyöreä halkaisija 22SivukuvaKaksipuolinen puoli 5SVD22 1SVD22 2SVD22 3
YF-SVD22Bpyöreä halkaisija 22SivukuvaKaksipuoleinen 8SVD22B 1SVD22B 1SVD22B 3
YF-TV06066*6Sivukuva3TV0606 1TV0606 2TV0606 4
YF-TV101010*10Ylhäältä5TV1010 1TV1010 2TV1010 3
YF-TV1010C10*10Ylhäältä6TV1010C 1TV1010C 2TV1010C 3
YF-TV1010H10*10Ylhäältä6TV1010H 1TV1010HTV1010C 3
YF-TV1010U10*10Ylhäältä5TV1010U 1Silicone LED Channel System TV1010UTV1010U 3
YF-TV110511*5Ylhäältä8TV1105 1TV1105 1TV1105 2
YF-TV121212*12Ylhäältä8TV1212 1TV1212 2TV1212 3
YF-TV1212C12*12Ylhäältä8TV1212C 1TV1212C 2TV1212C 3
YF-TV1212H12*12Ylhäältä8TV1212H 1Silicone LED Channel System TV1212HLED Channel system 11
YF-TV1305H13*5Ylhäältä10TV1305H 1Silicone LED Channel System TV1305HTV1305H 3
YF-TV150515*5Ylhäältä12TV1505 1TV1105 1TV1505 2
YF-TV151315*13Ylhäältä10TV1513 1TV1513 2TV1513 4
YF-TV152515*25Ylhäältä10TV1525 1TV1525 2LED Neon sign ideas
YF-TV161616*16Ylhäältä10TV1616 1TV1616 2TV1616H3 3
YF-TV1616H16*16Ylhäältä10TV1616H 1Silicone LED Channel System TV1616HTV1616H3 3
YF-TV1616H316*16Ylhäältä10TV1616H3 1Silicone LED Channel System TV1616H3TV1616H3 3
YF-TV1616U16*16Ylhäältä10TV1616U 1Silicone LED Channel System TV1616UTV1616U 3
YF-TV162016*20Ylhäältä12TV1620 1TV1620 2TV1620 3
YF-TV172317*23Ylhäältä10TV1723 1TV1723 2TV1723 4
YF-TV2010U20*10Ylhäältä10/12TV2010U 1Silicone LED Channel System TV2010UTV2010U 3
YF-TV201420*14Ylhäältä10TV2014 1TV2014 2TV2014C 3
YF-TV2014C20*14Ylhäältä10TV2014C 1TV2014C 2TV2014C 3
YF-TV201620*16Ylhäältä10TV2016 1TV2016 2TV2016 3
YF-TV2018U20*18Ylhäältä10TV2018U 1Silicone LED Channel System TV2018UTV2014C 3
YF-TV202020*20Ylhäältä10/12TV2020 1TV2020 2TV2020 3
YF-TV2020H20*20Ylhäältä10/12TV2020H 1Silicone LED Channel System TV2020HTV2020H 3
YF-TV2020U20*20Ylhäältä10/12TV2020U 1Silicone LED Channel System TV2020UTV2020U 3
YF-TV2020U220*20Ylhäältä10/12TV2020U2 1TV2020U2 2TV2020U3 4
YF-TV2020U320*20Ylhäältä12Silicone LED Channel System TV2020U3TV2020U3 2TV2020U3 4
YF-TV302030*20Ylhäältä15TV3020 1TV3020 2TV3020 3
YF-TV3020U30*20Ylhäältä15TV3020U 1Silicone LED Channel System TV3020UTV3020U 4
YF-TV3020U230*20Ylhäältä15TV3020U2 1Silicone LED Channel System TV3020U2TV3020U 3
YF-TV4015U40*15Ylhäältä15/20TV4015U 1Silicone LED Channel System TV4015UTV4025 3
YF-TV402540*25YlhäältäYlhäältä 20/sivulta 8TV4025 1TV4025 2TV4025 3
YF-TV5015U50*15Ylhäältä15/20TV5015U 1Silicone LED Channel System TV4015UTV5015U 4
YF-TV502550*25Ylhäältä20TV5025 1TV5025 2TV5025 3
YF-TV703070*30Ylhäältä30TV7030 1TV7030 2TV7030 3
YF-TV10030100*30Ylhäältä20*2TV10030 1TV10030 2TV10030 3
YF-TVV22V-kulma 22*22V kulma5TVV22TVV22 3TVV22 5
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LED Neon Silicone LED Channel Tube For LED Strip Lights