Lighting Projects

The most common Lighting Projects in life.

Brand Store Case

Lighting design case share: brand store

The design of the internal space breaks the relatively unified approach of the general retail space,
and combines the site characteristics to naturally divide the space into areas with different characteristics.
At the same time, track lights + linear lights have become the key lighting and basic lighting of the space.

Lights Cooperate With Space

How to make LED lights cooperate with your space

Light luxury residence, easy interpretation of gentleman-like exquisite taste under lighting
The 105-square-meter residence is decorated with a combination of gray and brown to create a home space.
Under the embellishment of warm yellow lights, the texture and details can be seen without any reservation, and it is easy to interpret the exquisite taste like a gentleman.

Cabinet Showcase Lighting Ideas

6 Amazing LED Strip Lighting Ideas For Your Cabinets | Which Will Make Your Cabinets Look Attractive

My friends were amazed when they saw my cabinet. because these 6 places are equipped with Yiford light strips, which are beautiful and practical.
This article will tell you:
1. LED lights have such characteristics
2. How to install the LED strip?
3. How many installation methods does the LED light have?
4. Which cabinets are suitable for installing LED strips?

Light Reflect In Sapce

Objects in Space that Emit and Reflect Light, | Reflect Light in Space

Designing space is designing light, and a building without light is like a black box. Lighting can create cultural and artistic indoor spaces to meet the requirements of visual aesthetics and living comfort.
After understanding the impact of light on people, we need to think: In lighting design, what can light reflect in space? Then consider how to illuminate health scientifically and reasonably?

Unique Lighting Design Ideas

Unique Lighting Ideas For Rooms Without Main Lights | 14 Questions with Answers in LIGHTING DESIGN

The light is a spatial soul, under the demand for residentialization, people’s appeals against lighting, also rises from the basic lighting environment to create an atmosphere, and pursue more comfortable lighting environments.
There is more challenging in the design of the master. It is necessary to ensure the overall atmosphere while taking care of lighting. It is a good lighting solution.

Application Ideas

What are application ideas for LED Strip Lighting?

In this article, you will understand the application range of LED light strips,led strip lighting ideas, whether it is industrial or commercial, whether it is large-scale stage performances or small electronic products, whether it is high-tech fields or private DIY, LED light strips play a very important role.
Here are examples of 13 application areas, and they are explained in detail with pictures or videos, and welcome to add some more case.

Furniture Lighting

led lighting made the furniture so beautiful

interesting design tables and charis can be so beautiful, how to use the led strip lights for the furniture design
Are you marveling at these exquisite and cute designs? Originally, the combination of common materials and lighting can have ever-changing designs.
Some lights are added to the ordinary wooden planks, such as a ray of light protruding from the gloomy forest, which makes people want to follow the light to guide them to the front.

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