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Designs, use cases and ideas by Yiford Team

Product practical application display, detail introduction, appearance, function, application, step by step guide

Understand Yiford LED Channel Lights Materials easy.


brand store case
Lighting design case share: brand store

The design of the internal space breaks the relatively unified approach of the general retail space,
and combines the site characteristics to naturally divide the space into areas with different characteristics.
At the same time, track lights + linear lights have become the key lighting and basic lighting

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lights cooperate with space
How to make LED lights cooperate with your space

Light luxury residence, easy interpretation of gentleman-like exquisite taste under lighting
The 105-square-meter residence is decorated with a combination of gray and brown to create a home space.
Under the embellishment of warm yellow lights, the texture and details can be seen without any reservation, and it is

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room lighting
3 step get interior lighting design wonderful

Mit der Essenz der dreistufigen Innenbeleuchtungsgestaltung wird kein Lichtdesign-Neuling mehr in der Lage sein, sich darauf einzulassen!
What is home? Is a warm harbor, Is a little soft fluorescence,
Wait for the tired bird to come home. lighting is always indicate the way to home.

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COB Light Strip Waterproof
Why LED flexible strip is the best material for DIY?

Table of Contents What is DIY? Many people have been bored about the same commodities in the market, and the same commodities could not satisfy their special demands. In such a situation, a new lifestyle appeared: DIY, i.e. ?Do It Yourself?.  People are looking for the best materials for DIY, For

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