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Designs, Anwendungsfälle und Ideen vom Yiford-Team

Darstellung der praktischen Produktanwendung, detaillierte Einführung, Aussehen, Funktion, Anwendung, Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung

Verstehen Sie die Materialien für LED-Kanalleuchten von Yiford ganz einfach.

LED Aluminiumprofil

led aluminum profiles

led aluminum channels, inside is the led strip light or led light bar.
Install the led cabinet lights directly under neath your cabinet ,silluminate the countertops below for safer, more functional for food prepare and brighter.

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architectural lighting is the intersection of art (architecture) and technology (lighting). Buildings that are illuminated or illuminated can be commercial or residential. Other areas of endeavor, such as design, also came into play.

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suspend mount
Suspended Mounting

Suspended mount, generally can also be used for recessed mount, surface mount, Yiford is with variety of installation accessories can be choosed.
Whatever your domestic or commercial lighting project, our easy-to-install suspendable LED profiles offer a stylish look and finish to complement the aesthetic in your task zones,

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LED Aluminum profile YF-ALP006
Corner Mounting

This led strip light channel can accommodate LED strips/tape/ribbon that are 8-10.5 millimeters wide.Metal mounting clips provides easy and secure installation.Frosted Light diffuser slightly diffuses the light to create softer,smoother,desirable lighting effect.

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led aluminum profiles
Recessed installation

Small size recessed mounting aluminum profiles led can be installed with a thermo conductive adhesive tape or glue, and bigger models has own independent mounting brackets. each led aluminum channel has the install bracket or clips for installation, you can chooise it base on how will your lighting project designed.

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aluminum profile
LED Aluminiumprofil

LED-Aluminiumkanäle (oder -Strangpressprofile) und LED-Diffusoren zählen zu den beliebtesten Zubehörteilen für LED-Streifen. Wenn Sie Ihren LED-Streifen als Beleuchtungs- oder Dekorationselement planen, sollten Sie Aluminiumkanäle unbedingt als optionales Beleuchtungszubehör in Betracht ziehen.

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