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A Perfect Set For Your Living Room

إن ضوء شرائط COB LED هو أحدث شرائط LED للتكنولوجيا.

سلس؟ على الاطلاق لا اكتشاف؟ ضوء مستمر وحتى على طول كامل.

Made with Yiford latest techniques means a massive several hundres LED?s per metre for no spotting even without a diffuser. perfect for home installation as it comes with a range of solder free connectors.

حجمها الصغير يعني أنه يمكن استخدامها في معظم القنوات مثل قنوات السيليكون وملامح الألومنيوم في حين أن أداءها بدون نقاط يعني حتى الملفات الشخصية المنخفضة جدًا تعمل بشكل جيد.

3 steps to complete your lighting material selection

LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights

    • أبيض دافئ، أبيض محايد، أبيض بارد وأبيض قابل للتعديل.
    • Red, green, blue, yellow, pink, purple, Ice-blue.
    • RGB color change and RGB addressable IC LED strips.
    • Outdoor cob waterproof light strips.
    •  Different voltages 5V 12V 24V
LED Channel System

نظام قناة LED

    • Recessed Mounted LED Strip Channels
    • Surface Mounted LED Strip Channels
    • Corner Mounted LED Strip Channels
    • Ceiling LED Strip Channels
    • Tunable RGB LED Strip Channels
LED Accessaries

LED Accessaries

  • Power Supplies & Adapters

  • RGB Controllers, LED Dimmers

  • LED Strip Solderless Connectors

  • Install Parts

Hot Selling Products


Love at first sight

Aluminum / Silicone LED channel System

Hundreds of different sizes and styles, all kinds of colors and dynamic dream lights are combined together.
You can achieve any kind of light you want.

Good luminous consistency

No bright areas and dark spots are the biggest advantages of Yiford light strips, high density with uniform lighting.

Lots of Features

Varies size and brightness, impact resistant, from IP20 indoor to IP68 outdoor, over 18 features owns by Yiford Lighting

High Color Rendering Index

CRI>90 which can make the color reproduction better, the object looks richer, and the eyes are protected at the same time

Professional Support

If you are ever need help, we will be there for you, over 10 years of experience creating custom lighting solutions for our clients.

Why choose Yiford

Yiford—The best lighting material supplier

1000+ Products Items

Everything from luminous materials to enclosures to mounting accessories can be sourced here

5 Years Warranty

Lighting fixtures with a 5-year 50,000 hour? limited warranty and are happy to assist with your project from start to finish.

10 Years Experience

Yiford focus in high quality flexible led strip lights,led aluminum profile, led linear light, led channel system more than 10 years.

Small MOQ

Great business comes from small orders.we accept small orders, special project orders. We are happy to provide customers with the latest samples for free.

نظام قناة LED

المنتجات والخدمات

نحن نقدم مجموعة واسعة لنظام القنوات LED، أكثر من 1000 عنصر لتختار


أضواء شريط LED COB

COB LED Strips Lights is nice and newest led strip...


Silicone LED Channel

Silicone led tube are designed special for the led strips...


الألومنيوم LED الشخصي

Surface-mounted, Recessed, Pendant, Corner...


أجزاء ثانوية

LED Power Supply/LED Controller/LED Connectors...

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شرائط LED COB

360 degree Round Lights

نظام قناة LED من السيليكون

ملف ألومنيوم LED

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