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Upgrade Your Lighting Game with Yiford LED Strip Lights

Good Luminous Consistency High Color Rendering Index Small Size  Low Energy Consumption Good luminous consistency, luminous like a belt, no dark area, high brightness, high color rendering index, more advantages and wider application. LED Channel System Supplier Shop Now New Flexible Lighting Previous Next The latest innovative design, patented products COB LED Strips COB LED Strips light is the

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Waterproof Cob Led Strips
Waterproof COB LED Strips

Waterproof processing is carried out on the basis of bare light strips (IP20 led strips), and waterproof materials are used to semi-package and fully wrap the light strips to achieve waterproof effect. smd waterproof led strip lights process and materials is same used for the waterproof cob led strips.

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24v cob led strip light
24V COB LED Strip lights

24V COB LED strip Lights COB led strip lights uses advanced LED design to produce strip lights with a seamless, dot-free line of light. chip on board technology allows for a higher density of LEDs, 12V cob strips, 24V cob strips. led chip quantity each meter has 210leds, 312leds,320leds, 378leds,384leds, 480leds, 528leds, 608leds, 768leds, 840leds, 1134leds.for a more intense and uniform illumination that reduces heat.  With no need for additional diffusers,  and a narrow 8mm width, these stripscan fit in applications with low clearance. what is cob led strips ? COB is short for Chip On Board, which means that the led

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USB LED Light Strip review -- 5V 6V USB powered LED strip
USB LED Lighting

5v cob led strips are the perfect solution for creating a custom party, wedding decoration and stage lighting in your home. USB powered led strips is easy to install, simply plug them into any USB port on your computer or power bank, use their adhesive backing to stick them under

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COB LED Strips--Best LED Light strips 2022

The newest led lights COB LED has new innovation design, achieves higher light levels with a more uniform appearance than its predecessors. as best led strip lights, COB technology offers increased levels of light dispersion banishing those dark then bright patches created by narrow beam fittings.

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What is LED strip Lights?

What is led strip lights? The light strip refers to the LED light is welded on a copper wire or a ribbon-shaped flexible circuit board, it is named because it is shaped like a light strip when it emits light.

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COB Light Strip Waterproof
Why LED flexible strip is the best material for DIY?

Table of Contents What is DIY? Many people have been bored about the same commodities in the market, and the same commodities could not satisfy their special demands. In such a situation, a new lifestyle appeared: DIY, i.e. ?Do It Yourself?.  People are looking for the best materials for DIY, For

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