COB LED 스트립 조명
COB LED Flex Strips product are a new 24V strip light that offer smooth output from start to finish,
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Addressable LED Strip
Individual addressable led strip is also called digital led strip, pixel led strip, programmable led strip, chasing led strip, magic led strip, or dream color strip lights
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Digital COB LED strip
Digital COB LED strip is achieve magic colorful lighting effect. 2. Pixel RGB with built-in IC, adopt high quality IC WS2812B
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Flexible Silicone LED Channel System
Flexible silicone LED channel systems(integrated one piece) are similar function with the traditional LED aluminum channel profile,it is flexible and slim,With a variety of different styles, they allow you to create any lighting effect specific to your design objectives.
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LED 알루미늄 프로파일
Aluminum channels are a crucial part of any linear LED fixture. They act as a durable, lightweight housing for LED strip lighting of any color temperature, color, or output. Most importantly they act as the primary source of thermal management for your LED strips.
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