LED aluminum profile also called  Led Aluminum Extrusions, it is  a very popular and popular lighting material in lighting design. 
More and more people are choosing to use led aluminum profiles in their lighting projects, from small cabinets to houses, from residential to commercial lighting.
But we are still confused when we are faced with many different led channel aluminum lights.

Well, let’s look at some lighting cases using led aluminum profiles.

1. Cabinet lighting

Led Aluminum Profiles

led aluminum profile apply for cabinet lights

Cabinets are an important storage tool at home, and people use them every day. So it needs lighting just for easy removal and storage of household items.

2. Under shelf lighting

Led Aluminum Profiles Apply 3

led aluminum profile for under shelf lights

The led aluminum profile can be cut to any length and size, so it is very popular to use it in led strip lighting. For commercial lighting shelves, such as shoe racks or bookstore shelves, led aluminum profiles are very useful lighting materials. Length can be customized.

3. Space lighting

Led Aluminum Profiles Apply 4

led light channels for room space lights

For traditional space lighting, there are spotlights, pendant lights, panel lights. But in recent years there have been linear lights made of led aluminum profiles and led strips, which come in different shapes and styles. Like oval, round, wavy and freestyle.

4. Baseboard lighting

Led Aluminum Profiles Apply 5

LED aluminum profile for baseboard lights

In the past, baseboards were dark areas without any lighting. After the advent of led aluminum profiles specially designed for baseboards. Soon, many lighting ideas for baseboards came out.

5. Stair lighting

Led Aluminum Profiles Apply 6

LED Aluminum profile for stair lights

Every building has stairs. Usually it's a dark place where people don't notice. Therefore, it needs lighting to make it a safe place for people to walk. Especially in shopping malls, movie theaters and other places where people are more active. Thanks to the development of LED aluminum profiles, LED strips can be installed on stairs.

6. Wall light

Led Aluminum Profiles

LED Aluminum profile for wall lighting

Wall light is a decorative lighting that uses led strips and led aluminum profiles. There are many cases of using embedded led aluminum profiles, surface aluminum profiles, or a mixture of two or more aluminum profiles to achieve the desired lighting effect.

7. Ground lighting

Led Aluminum Profiles Apply 8

LED Aluminum profile for ground lights

When LED lights are used outside the door, they need to be waterproof. LED aluminium profile with sturdy thick cover with waterproof design for LED illuminated floors.

8. Office lighting

Led Aluminum Profiles Apply 9

led aluminum profile for office lights

An office is a workplace, it needs to be efficient and fast. In star office buildings, rental costs are high. Every business owner wants their employees to be productive and focused. A uniform lighting environment allows people to focus more on their work.

9. Hotel lighting

Led Aluminum Profiles Apply 10

LED aluminum profiles for hotel lights

LED aluminum profiles are also known as linear lighting profiles. When used in combination with led strips, it is called a linear light. In recent years, many designers have used linear lights in lighting projects. We can see it from some star hotels, cinemas, supermarkets.

10. School classroom lighting

Led Aluminum Profiles Apply 11

led aluminum profiles for school room lightng

Classrooms are places for learning and reading. It needs enough light for teachers and children to read and write. In the past, when fluorescent lamps were used, a lot of heat was generated. And the lighting in the room is uneven. The situation improved after using led linear lights. Classrooms look cleaner and more efficient.

11. Supermarket lighting

Suspend Mount

Extrusions Light Channels for supermarket lights

A supermarket is a large public shopping place where people can buy food, alcohol, tools and daily necessities. Thousands of items are displayed on the shelves. Supermarkets need different lighting, space linear lighting, shelf lighting, spotlights are mixed in this big place.

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