What factors affect the light decay of LED light-emitting diodes?


The quality and use conditions of LED light-emitting diode products will cause light decay problems to it. Let me tell you a little bit about it.

The quality of the LED product itself: If the quality of the chip used in the LED is relatively poor, the brightness decays faster. If there are defects in the production process, the heat dissipation of the chip cannot be well drawn from the PIN pin, which will cause the high temperature of the chip and increase the attenuation of the chip.

Conditions of use: LEDs are driven by constant current, but some of them are driven by voltage, which will cause the LEDs to decay too fast. In addition, if the driving current is greater than the rated driving conditions, it will also cause the LED to decay too fast.

In summary, do you know the reasons for the light decay of LED light-emitting diodes?