What are the benefits of LED silicone light strips?

What are the benefits of LED silicone light strips?

The LED silicone light strip is made of LED lamp beads and silica gel at the same time through an extruder.

Where is the light strip installed?

① Rainbow light show on the world's tallest building

Silicone light strips play a role in decoration and atmosphere

② Wall

The design of the light strip on the wall makes the blank and monotonous wall more rich and beautiful, which can play a good decoration and atmosphere.

④ Lantern Festival

Silicone lamp belts also add endless joy and festive atmosphere to various festivals such as Christmas, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and National Day.

⑤ Headlights and interior lights

Now some headlights are halogen light sources and LED daytime running lights.

At the rear of the car, the new car adopts the latest style design,

The ring is also equipped with a circular LED light strip. The visual effects are amazing

When we choose light strips, we often pay attention to the brightness of the lamp beads, what material is used for the outer skin, and the quality of the material is easy to be ignored by us. In fact, some low-quality PVC contains harmful substances to the human body. When the lamp belt is lit for a long time, it will react under the action of light and heat, causing this harmful substance to volatilize and unknowingly affect human health. .

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