What are Benefits of LED strips?

What are Benefits of LED strips?

Most people now use LED light strips, which have the advantages of safety, convenient splicing, long life, low price, wide application range, and multiple effects. 

Low-voltage light strips are safer to use than high-voltage light strips because they are powered by low-voltage power. Even direct contact will not cause harm to the human body. Now LED power supplies are equipped with short-circuit protection, and the input voltage range is wide, can be adjusted, and it is safer to use and not easy to burn out. 

Commonly used low-voltage lights have 5V and 12V, which can be flexibly used in places where high-voltage light strips cannot be installed, and the magic light strips are programmable, which can achieve the desired LED effect.

There are also many kinds of LED lights with accessories, lamp beads, wires, power supplies and controllers. Be sure to confirm the requirements when purchasing and use, and then purchase accessories according to the corresponding specifications. The specifications of the light strips are also different, generally 1 meter/reel, 2 meters/reel and 5 meters per reel. Of course, there are other specifications, and you can also customize the desired specifications directly from the manufacturer according to your needs. 

The LED strips are produced by smt chip technology, solder paste and reflow soldering process. Therefore, the solder joints on the light strip are relatively smooth and the amount of solder is small, and the solder joints extend from the PCB pad to the LED electrode in an arc shape.

The number of LED strips is different, and the required LED power and quantity are different. When installing, be sure to calculate the power required by the strip. Low-voltage light strips are limited by pressure drop, so generally a single strip is at most 5 meters per disc. If it exceeds 5 meters, it needs to be connected in parallel, and the main line must be pulled. The color light belt synchronization effect wiring is complicated, which requires certain skills and hands-on installation ability. 

Low-voltage light strips are currently mainly used in indoor projects, counters, shelves, light boxes and product interiors. Low-voltage light strips can also be made waterproof, and are also suitable for some outdoor places, such as swimming pools. full color led lights is often used for KTV and outdoor lighting projects, such as lighting festival effects.

The exquisite decoration function of the LED magic light belt is unmatched by other lamps. It can make a variety of changing colors and make the desired pattern effect, making our night lighting more vivid and colorful, more ornamental and aesthetic. The changing and colorful light effects can also alleviate visual pressure and make the mood more comfortable. On the whole, LED magic lights bring rich colors to our lives.

LED light strip products can now achieve intelligent dimming, and the color and light effect can be changed at will by using the controller or APP.