What is Waterproof LED Strips?

Waterproof processing is carried out on the basis of bare light strips (IP20 led strips), and waterproof materials are used to semi-package and fully wrap the light strips to achieve waterproof effect. smd waterproof led strip lights process and materials is same used for the waterproof cob led strips. 

Waterproof LED Strip Lights Types

There are many waterproof methods for light strips. LED light strips are classified according to the waterproof level, and there are 4 commonly used levels:

IP20: Non-waterproof light strip, often used indoors, avoid using it in a humid or exposed to water environment.

IP65: Waterproof light strip, on the basis of bare light strip, it is waterproof by means of silicone surface drops, PU surface drops, heat shrinkable sleeves, etc.

IP67: waterproof light strip, with silicone sleeve, PU two-color semi-sleeve to achieve waterproof, and commonly used silicone extruded neon light strip, its waterproof level can also reach IP67, often used for outdoor lighting, such as building outlines, bridges, city parks , shopping mall festive atmosphere decoration, etc.

IP68: The highest waterproof level, with silicone rubber, PU full filling to achieve waterproof effect, can be used for underwater light strips, such as pools, swimming pools, waterscape manufacturing, etc., high-grade waterproof light strips are required.

When purchasing LED light strips, it is recommended to choose the waterproof level of the light strip according to the actual use environment.

Waterproof Led Strips

wateproof LED Strip lights

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