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Yiford is a manufacture and supplier for COB LED Strips/Silicone LED Channel System/Aluminum LED Channel System and so on.
What's COB LED Strips Lighting Features and Advantages?
COB LED Strips Lighting Features And Advantages What's cob led strips lighting features and advantages? this video will show you a parts of them. after ...
silicone tube
Casing For Led Strips - What Types Of Casings Are There for led flexible strips what types of casings for led strips lights? how many types caseing for led ...
What is COB LED Strip Lights? What Advantage for COB tape Light
what the lighting strip ideas, how to use led strip lights, What is COB LED Strip Lights? What Advantage for COB tape Lights
What is Blue LED Strip Lights?--ICE Blue COB LED Strip Review
What Is Blue LED Strip Lights?--ICE Blue COB LED Strip Why so many person like blue led strip lights? how the ice blue cob led strip light looks like? ice ...
What is blue LED strip lights?--Blue COB LED Strips review
What Is Blue LED Strip Lights?--Blue COB LED Strips So many users like blue led strip lights, why the blue cob led strips is welcomed by users? blue color ...
Warm White led strip lights?--2300K white to yellow COB LED Strips
How is it look like for the warm white led strip lights? What is warm white cob led strip lights?--2300K white to yellow
USB LED Light Strip review -- 5V 6V USB powered LED strip
USB LED Light Strip Review -- 5V 6V USB Powered LED strip lights Review USB led light strip, low voltage, 5V or 6V powered, 10mm cuttable light strip ...
color change cct led strip lights
Tunable white led strip Review, color temperature adjustable CCT lighting
color change cct led strip lights
Observe and understand for Tunable White Color Temperature Change CCT COB Dotles LED Strips Lights

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 There Are Thousands Of YIFORD Products, Each Of Which Is Special And Has Its Most Suitable Application. What Are The Characteristics Of Each Material? Which Products Should The First-Time LED Distributors Choose? Which Materials Should The Engineering Contractor Procure? This Lighting Guide Will Tell You In Detail. 

LED linear light is a new type of indoor decorative lighting fixture. Many people do not know about linear light very well. Here, we will start with the description of linear types and kits to unveil the mystery of linear light. It has the following characteristics .

The transparent crystal connector is dedicated to COB flexible light strips, with high transparency and seamless connection. After lighting, there is almost no connection breakpoint.

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cob light strip important part is the connector. Yiford solderless connect no need tools, and can be connected by hand, which is very convenient.
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