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author: Shirley
Tips and Skills for using led strip lights:



How To Cut/Connect and Power FOB COB LED Strip Lighting 

How to Cut, Connect and Power FOB COB LED Strip lighting. LED Strips have been a wildly popular DIY lighting solution for many applications. 

10 Minutes To Make A Colorful Lighting On Background

we know led strip is light, high brightness, flexible,slim,and with a lot of applications. Today I will show you how to use the COB led strips to make a beautiful light for this background.


Which types connector could be used for the cob led strip lights?

Light strips are often need be cutted or re-connected, and some problems related to cutting will be involved here. Here we use the new type flexible lighting COB (chip on board) light strips as a case to explain all the questions you have.  you will get know How to cut and connect cob led light strips ? with different types connectors.

Solderless connectors for COB led strips--how to use

The LED light strip is like a luminous ribbon, while providing incredible flexibility. Its characteristics allow the light strips to have many functions, and it is widely used in various places and areas of life. They are the perfect lighting for room. with excellent lighting solution.


What's COB LED Strips Lighting Features and Advantages?

What's cob led strips lighting features and advantages? this video will show you a parts of them. after that, I am sure it will help you understand how to use the cob led strips better.

Neon FLex Strip Lights | smart rgb neon rope light

Every time or our any program we can think without lighting. lighting always bright our program more and more. If is it LED lighting then this program will be more exciting and colorful. our kids always like lighting. we can use our lighting wedding, birthday party, marriage ceremony, any kind of party.


What's COB LED Strip Lights? What Advantage for COB tape Lights?

The COB led strip is a high-density led lighting strip made by COB encapsulation, which can reduce the thermal resistance of the high-density strip circuit system, greatly improves the life of the LED, the glare is small, and the light is uniform and there is no dark area.

How to use connector for COB led strips? --solderless connectros

We all know that COB strips can be cut. How to reconnect after cutting? YIFORD company has designed two types of connectors, one with wiring in the middle and the other with two ends. They can be connected without any tools, and they are very firm.


How to use U shape silicone sleeve with led strip lights

LED light strip silicone sleeve is a highly transparent silicone sleeve specially used for LED light strips. It is an LED auxiliary accessory and plays the role of heat insulation, anti-collision, waterproof, etc. It is also called neon sleeve, flexible neon sleeve Siphon, LED waterproof casing, led neon light strips. etc.

Solderless Connectors For FOB COB LED Strips, How To Use?

Solderless connectors for FOB COB led strips, how to use? This video, you will get know how to use the solderless connectors for cob led strips. no need welding, no need tools, and no gap after connected. as it is transparents, you can't see the connector after joint 2 strips.