Top Three Facts About Interior Lighting Design That Will Make You Think Twice


∆ 协调愉悦而且可爱,有种高档、干净的形象

∆ warmly with fantastic feeling

After a round of interviews, the answers summarized by passers-by about the occupants of the house are as follows:

The first set: There is no professionally designed pale white monotonous lighting room, (being) living a 42-year-old, two-point one-line, ordinary company staff who has no story;

The second set: After professional lighting design, carefully lighting, a room that looks quite high-end, (being) lived a 35-year-old, friendly and aesthetically good fashion designer.

Obviously it is the furnishings in the same room, but in people's subjective impression, the value is 15 times worse on average. (The valuation of passers-by is also very willful and casual!)

Regardless of the subjective evaluation of passers-by and how much exaggeration there is for the effect of advertising, with the two screenshots in the video and life experience, we can also feel more or less:

Life requires quality;

Lighting is very important.