led strip neon flex,led neon flex stri
led strip neon flex,led neon flex stri
led strip neon flex,led neon flex stri
led strip neon flex,led neon flex strips
led strip neon flex,led neon flex strips
led strip neon flex,led neon flex stri
led strip neon flex,led neon flex stri
led strip neon flex,led neon flex strips
led strip neon flex,led neon flex strips

Black led strips led channel system silicone tube waterproof IP67 Top View 13*5mm

Model NO.
1. Low voltage, Cuttable, Super soft, bentable,soft touch
2. Anti-UV, Anti-Acid, Anti-Alkali
3. Ageing resistance, Non-combustion and good permeability,
4. Environment protection silicone, non-toxic safety
5. Characterized by heat and cold resistance from -40 to +80 degree
black led strip lights  black led strip lights

black led strip lights

black led strip lights

About the silicone led tube: 


Flexible & easy to cut: 100% made of silicone. It can be bent freely and cut easily to modeling for its great flexibility. It’s the perfect product for you to decorate your home

IP67 Water & Dust Proof: Manufactured by integral molding with the great sealing property. (The end caps should be glued with sealant.) It’s waterproof and can be soaked in water for a short time ( long time not recommended). 

Package:standard 200meter per reel, cuttable any length. Waterproof light strip can be used in this led channel due easy process to make the IP20 led strips to IP67 waterproof led strips. one of the best materials for DIY led strip lights.  


Installation Instruction:  Tie the LED strip to the string in the channel and pull it into the channel slowly until the strip comes out on the other side. Fit LED light strips narrower than 10mm (like 3528/2538) or the fob fcob cob led strip lights. The light strip 5050/5630 is not recommended. You can also try to apply the lubricating oil or wax to the back of the strip to make it easier and more slippery to pass through the tube. 

Better Lighting: This silicone led channel is with the transparent crystal cover, so the lighting effect is good.

Other size: This TransparentSilicone LED Channel IP67 tube is suitable for 10mm wideth led strip lights. But if you need to install other size led strips,  you can choose 1105 for 8mm wideth PCB led strips, 1505 for 12mm wideth PCB led strips. 

Both white and black avaliable


Waterproof LED Strip Lights Application Ideas:  
Suitable for kitchen, cabinet, patio, living room outdoor parties and so on. 

led strips application   led strips application idea   

led strips application idea   led strips application idea

led strips application idea   led strips application idea

Various options: YIFORD provides pure silicone sleeves and can also provide finished products with LED strips.
The pure silicone sleeve is 200 meters in a roll, and the LED light strip is in a 5-meter roll. Buyers can choose different types of products according to their needs. If you need help, please contact YIFORD sales engineers.

We offer raw materails of silicone tube, inside is with the rope, easy to install the led strips into the sleeve tube.
it is 200 meter per reel, cuttable any length.
transparents tube for led strips

Yiford also offer the silicone led channel system sleeve tube with led strips inside,
After installed the led strips inside. the waterproof led strips is with end cap, 5 meter per reel, also could custom the size.
transparents tube with led strips

Silicone LED Channel System Transparent Bendable Flexible Waterproof Tube IP67 Water Dust Proof for 10mm Light Strip IP67 Waterproof silicone LED channel

silicone led tube

silicone led tube

DIY LED strips into the water for the fish tank water:


Waterproof COB light strip into water.

This wave is wonderful. Throw the COB light strip into the water. It can still work normally, with even light and waterproof grade of IP67. outdoor lighting,  Don't worry about being hit by rain on your light strip.

DIY cob led strips to fish tank

What can the led lights of the fish tank do?
1. Simulate sunlight 2. Ultraviolet LED light can sterilize 3. Helping water plants grow 4. Decorative effect

Silicone led channel for neon rope lights:

Waterproof Neon Flex led strip lights features you should know

What is the performance of the silicone sleeve for LED light strips?
1. Non-toxic, odorless, high transparency, high flame retardancy, long-term use will not turn yellow;
2. High softness, good elasticity, ozone resistance, voltage resistance, kink resistance and no deformation; 3. No cracking, long service life, cold resistance and high temperature resistance; 4. Has high tear strength and superior electrical properties;

How to use U shape silicone sleeve with led strip lights

LED light strip silicone sleeve is a highly transparent silicone sleeve specially used for LED light strips. It is an LED auxiliary accessory and plays the role of heat insulation, anti-collision, waterproof, etc. It is also called neon sleeve, flexible neon sleeve Siphon, LED waterproof casing, led neon light strips. etc. Neon LED strips can get you the retro neon glass light look without all the hassle of installing glass fiaxtures at an affordable price.

black neon strip black led strips led channel system silicone led channel led channel lights silicone tube waterproof IP67 black neon strip top view 13 5mm, ,led neon flex strip,neon led flexible strip,rgb led strip neon,neon flexible strip led
Product Specification
Product NameLED Flex Neon Light Strip 
Lighting DirectionTop Lighting Full Black
Modle NumberYF-ANTV1305-2
Section Size
(Width*Height mm)
Silcon Weight (g/Metre)55
PCB width (mm)10
Beam Angle (°)120°
Voltage (V)12VDC / 24VDC
Cutting MarkYes
LED QuantityNo request
Power (Watt/Metre)No request
Body MaterialSilicone
IP GradeIP67
Avaliable ColorWhite/Red/Green/Blue/Yellow
Package(Metre/Reel)5 / 50/ 100 / 200

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