Technical parameters

Working temperature: -20-60 °C

Supply voltage: DC12/24V

Output voltage: DC12/24V

Output: 1 channel

Sensing distance: 5 ~ 8 M.

Ham should angle: 60 degrees.

Output current: <6A

Delay time: 1-10min (adjustable)

External dimension: L76 × W35 × H34 mm

Packing size: L104 × W64 × H41 mm

Net weight: 32g

Gross weight: 50g

Pir Human Body Sensor 2

Pir Human Body Sensor 3

Pir Human Body Sensor 4

Pir Human Body Sensor 5

【Wide Application】: You can use this sensor in different occasions like entryway lighting, cabinet lighting, gun safe lighting, pantry lighting, under the bed rails lighting.
【Delay Time Adjustable】: 1-10 min(adjustable). Induction distance: 5 ~ 8M
【Motion Activated】: Sensor function triggered by motion, you can use this small motion sensor switch to control lighting like Led strip lighting.
【Warm Tips】: Users can install the human body sensors in the appropriate environment according to actual needs.

human detection sensor,pir sensor,motion sensor light switch.

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