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Indoor Grow lights

Want to grow vegetables at home? Then this Indoor Grow lights is definitely for you.


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1. Up to 4 plants can be grow at a time by hydroponics.
2. Full spectrum 20-watt LED lighting system and automatically turns lights on and off.
3. Touch control panel to adjust growing light with 3 models.
4. Water pump to fresh water every 15 minutes.
5.Fully adjustable lamp arm has a 31cm tall growing space for high yields and plant variety.
6.Alarms tell you when you add waters andnutrient.


Product NameYF-01
Product Weight0.98kg/2.16lbs
Water Tank Capacity2.5L
Number of plants4
Includes4 pcs pod kit/1 water pump
Product TypeHydroponic
LED LightSpecific Spectrum

Product Description

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