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Ceiling lights Y shap

This Ceiling lights Y shap has a high-end atmosphere. Suitable for all kinds of offices and clubs

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Meeting room

This LED linear light brightens up the meeting room, creating the perfect environment to express your creativity.


The ultra-bright output of this linear light’s built-in LED chips will light up every dark corner in the room and the suspended lighting is perfect for making a room look wider or longer

Kitchen Island

This LED linear light will give your home a stylish look and make your kitchen a relaxing place to cook a meal. Attractive as well as practical, kitchen island lighting can make your cooking space look better while providing better task lighting for cutting, chopping and all the other chores that go into making a sumptuous meal. Tie together your kitchen decor with kitchen island lighting and light fixtures from yiford. These unique ceiling lights are specially engineered to provide quality task and accent lighting over your kitchen island.


This LED linear light’s high-quality aluminum material ensures great heat dissipation while the humanized linkable design lets you connect several units together. From the excellent appearance to the superior internal design, this light is the best choice.

Thoughtful design

Multiple cable entry holes, All the accessories you need to connect the lights in a series are included in the package. The suspended wire can be freely adjusted to the height that satisfies you the most.

Rugged and durable

With the newly upgraded manufacturing process, you don’t have to worry about damage to components like the driver caused by violent transportation or dail.

Ceiling Lights Y Shap 1

Size (cm)Power (Watt)Recommend Area
Diagonal 66CM
Single 35cm
Diagonal 83CM
Single 45cm
Diagonal 97CM
Single 52cm
Diagonal 115CM
Single 62cm
Diagonal 166CM
Single 92cm

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