5050 RGB LED Strips

5050 RGB LED Strips are one of the most common LED strips on the market. It is colorful and easy to use.

Model No YF-LR5050RGB30 YF-LR5050RGB60
SMD Type Epistar 5050 RGB or Single Color
Input voltage DC12V DC12V
LED Q’ty 30LEDs/m 60LEDs/m
Power/m 7.2W/M 14.4W/M
Max current / LED 60mA 60mA
SMD LED spacing 33.3mm 16.6MM
Lumen / m 180LM 360LM
CRI(Ra) .- .-
Minim cuttable length 100mm 50mm
PCB Width 10mm 10mm
Energy grade A A
Warranty 3years 3years
Working hour 30000h 30000h
Illumination Angle 120° 120°
Working temperture .-20℃~+45℃ .-20℃~+45℃

Installation Process

5050 Rgb Led Strips 1


5050 Rgb Led Strips 2

5050 Rgb Led Strips 3 001

5050 Rgb Led Strips 4 001

5050 Rgb Led Strips 5 001

LED Strip Light is with super bright 5050 LED Strip Lights, DC12V safe working voltage. Low power consumption, energy Saving,

5050 Rgb Led Strips 3

LED Strip Light with high quality smd resistors, excellent design, control the led strip light current, protect the SMD LED.

5050 Rgb Led Strips 4

Double PCB
LED Strip Lights is with doulbe PCB, 10mm width. Flexible design, good electrical conductivity to protect the LED Strip lights with a long life.

5050 Rgb Led Strips 5


Low-temperature reflow soldering technology, solder joints strong. Improve the circuit board firmness, conductivity. Reduce false welding, drain welding.

5050 Rgb Led Strips 6


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