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Multiple colors led strip lights Product Video:


Digital Pixel Addressable built-in IC COB LED Strip Lights effect show

RGB Pixel COB LED Strip 
1、RGB Pixel Control COB LED Strip with smart ,app control 
2、PCB width 10mm, 5VDC, 630leds per meter.
3、Adopt high quality IC SK6812, long lifespan,high stability
4、No dark area, perfect light performance
5、High lumen output 
6、Widely used in decoration and accents lighting

Waterproof Neon Flex led strip lights features you should know

YIFORD's soft light strip has great flexibility and durability, making it convenient and easy to create customized luminous shapes. It is also waterproof, so you can use it in ponds, pools, or anywhere underwater, adding beautiful color and light, without polluting the water. 256 levels of rich color, light and shade, give you up to 16 million color possibilities, that can be designed to change for effect. This flexible light strand can be used in a wide variety of installations. 


Tunable CCT White Color Temperature Change COB LED Strips

Tunable white lighting technology enables you to control the color temperature of a light source. We have implemented this technology into our specification grade LED strip lighting products. Using alternating LED chips of different color temperatures, you are able to use a remote to blend the LEDs and easily control the strip light’s output. adjustable color temperature CCT from 2700K warm white to 6500K cool white.
COB FOB LED strip light for lighting solutions.

LED soft light strip is also known as LED strip, or flexible LED strip, and COB stands for CHIP ON BOARD, which means the flip chip is arranged on soft light strip and COB soft light strip looks like a soft lanyard, flexible, folding and bending, has a luminous chip with small output power all over the surface, the overall light is uniform, soft and non-glare, high brightness.


What does COB LED strip lights look like?

Static single color Output LED Strip Lights, What does COB LED strip lights look like? Yiford high-intensity LED flexible strip lights can produce a brightness for subtle accent light up to an incredibly bright output.

Tunable white color temperature adjustable CCT lighting

Tunable white lighting technology is defined as the ability to control a light source’s color temperature output.


Dotless LED Strips Lights You've never seen before

LED soft light strip is also called LED tape light strip, or flexible led light strips, and COB is the abbreviation of CHIP ON BOARD, which means that flip chip is arranged on the soft light strip, and the COB soft light strip looks like a soft tie Belt, with strong flexibility, folding and bending, there are light-emitting chips with small output power all over the surface, the overall light is uniform, soft and not dazzling, and the brightness is high. It usually replaces traditional lighting fixtures, so it is called LED COB Soft light strips.

Neon FLex LED Strips Lighting Programm Change

Every time or our any program we can think without lighting. lighting always bright our program more and more. If is it LED lighting then this program will be more exciting and colorful. our kids always like lighting. we can use our lighting wedding, birthday party, marriage ceremony, any kind of party. Neon Flex LED Strips Lighting Programm Change and make it colorful
Neon LED strip lights are the most efficient form of LED lighting that you can use in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. 


Pixel Addressable COB FOB LED Strips Effect Amazing

There is an IC chip in each pixel, There are 256 gray levels for each of the RGB three colors, and there are more than 16 million colors in total. In addition, the magic light strips can also display text, pictures, animation, and video through the programming of the control system.

Amzaing Neon Flex LED Strips You are Worth to Buy

These LED Neon Lights have a special silicon coating to fully diffuse the low voltage strip light below, which in turn gives the effect of neon lighting. The only thing these strips lights don't have when compared to traditional neon is harmful chemicals, gases, 


Yiford COB Pixel Addressable LED Strips flashing with Voice/Music/Sound

Yiford pixel COB led strips work with the music/sound, you have never seen it before.


Neon Flex Silicon LED Strips Features You may not know 

LED neon flex is a high quality, flexible LED strip with a unique co-extrusion technology. The combination of high quality and exceptional flexibility, allows for an endless range of indoor and outdoor applications. Uniform and without spot illumination at very low installation depths. IP67 rated flex is a solid state replacement for neon lighting and building outlines. It is flexible and available in solid colours including RGB. 

Amazing Yiford COB LED Strips Features and Advantages

With stronger 3M adhesive,our COB LED strip lights can be reliably installed,idea for kitchen, cabinet, bedroom, stair, mirror, corridor, DIY backlight, table lamp, toy light, and other places that need decoration. This product is suitable for hotels, shopping malls, home furnishing, cabinets, exhibition racks, etc., cooperate with aluminum profile can used for main lighting, indirect lighting, dark slot lighting, outline drawing, decorative lighting and other purposes.


Amazing DIY RGB COB LED Strips Color Change 

Observe the Flexible COB LED Strips Tape Lights in 30's


flexible COB led tape strip lights features and advantages

COB Advantage, why use COB led strip lights?


Dream color rainbow effect--COB Addressable pixel with IC 

Digital RGB COB LED Strips You Never Seen Before