What is a multicolor silicone sleeve?

Silicone Tube

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Multi color sleeves are different from single color silicone sleeves, that is, they have two or more colors. Multicolors are mostly two or three colors, mainly including two-color silicone sleeves and three-color silicone sleeves.

What are the characteristics of multi-color silicone sleeves?

The three-color LED neon light silicone sleeve, as the name suggests, has three or more colors, which is one of the atmosphere scene silicone sleeves in the LED light strip subdivision field. It is mainly used in some special scenes, such as: black atmosphere environment, these The selling point of tri- or multi-color neon silicone sleeves is just right to match the environment. With the silicone sleeve, it can not only make the light soft and not dazzling, but also play the role of waterproof and dustproof, some of the waterproof led strips cover is made by the silicone led tube.

How is the tri-color LED neon light silicone sleeve produced?

The three-color LED neon light silicone sleeve is extruded with a three-in-one die head. On the basis of the two die heads, an extrusion die is added to extrude additional colors, and then the one-piece molding process can be used to make a sleeve The tube comes in three different colors.

Where is the tri-color LED neon light silicone sleeve used? What are the advantages?

The three-color LED neon light silicone sleeve is mostly used in entertainment venues such as bars, dance floors, game halls, etc. This scene needs to use black + white + light guide color, three-color extrusion neon silicone sleeve, in the case of no lighting The neon silicone sleeve needs to be consistent with the surrounding environment, and the two-color neon silicone sleeve has two colors of white and translucent, which is difficult to completely hide in the dark and may affect the atmosphere of the bar.

What is the role of each color in the three-color LED neon silicone?

There are also some customers with higher requirements, which require suppliers to provide light bars that can match the atmosphere of bars, game halls, etc., and can illuminate the role of lighting, so there is a two-color LED neon light silicone sleeve. The outermost layer of the neon light casing is light black, and it is black when it is not lit, which is not easy to be easily seen by people. However, it is necessary to maintain the advantages of the neon light silicone sleeve and avoid light leakage, so the white shading surface cannot be cancelled. In this way, there are three colors. Each color has different functions and differences. Black plays the role of Incorporated into the atmosphere, white plays a role of shading, and translucent plays a role of guiding light.

What is the difference between multi-color silicone sleeves and multi-color silicone soft led light strips?

The multi-color silicone sleeve is only silicone material and does not contain LED lights.
Multi-color silicone soft light strip includes sleeve, LED strip lights, tail cap, power cord

How is the effect for multi color silicone led strip

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