My friends were amazed when they saw my cabinet.  because I have strip lighting ideas, these 6 places are equipped with led lights, which are beautiful and practical.

The house is decorated with custom cabinets. Why do you see that some cabinets are very high-level, and some are very low-level. The difference lies in the lighting collocation, especially the design of the light strip, which is full of high-level sense at first glance. in this article, I will share with you about ” how to install Yiford’s COB flexible light strip​ design on a custom cabinet”, You can consider installing light strips in these 6 places, which are really nice and easy to use.

led strip lights which could be used for the cabinets

Of course, we also have to understand its characteristics before we know how to use it better, right?
The features listed here are explained in detail in this article, and mention what project or product each feature can be more suitable for.

How to install the light strip?

Before decorating and deploying water and electricity, it is necessary to consider where to install lights, and leave the position of the power cord when leaving the cabinet plan. It is recommended to choose LED low-voltage light sources, low heat generation, safe and practical, especially in the built-in cabinet with the lamp, the pipeline should be embedded in advance to facilitate the later slotting.

Light strip installation method:

1. Paste installation

If you have already renovated and want to install light strips, but don’t want to dig a groove, you can consider buying pasted light strips. You can install them in places such as entrances, cabinets, and TV background walls. Rechargeable light strips are also good.

2. Snap-in installation

The installation method when the light strip is used with the light trough is to stick the light strip in the light trough, and then fix the light trough in position with a buckle and screw.

3. Embedded installation

This should be taken into consideration before the decoration. After opening a hole on the wall, install the embedded parts and lock them with screws, stick the light belt into the embedded part slot, and then connect the power supply. The effect of this kind of lamp is also very beautiful. The lamp belt is integrated with the wall, and there is an illusion that the wall is glowing.

Which cabinets can be installed in COB strips?

Lighting ideas for cabinets:

1). The light strip is installed on the shoe cabinet

Lighting Ideas For Cabinets 3

lighting for shoe cabinet

It is recommended to install an embedded sensor light strip in the shoe cabinet of the entrance hall. When you enter the door, the light strip as task lights will automatically light up, which makes people feel very warm and comfortable. In particular, leave the middle of the shoe cabinet empty. It is convenient to install the sensor light strip. The inside of the shoe cabinet can be installed according to your own situation. If the entrance is dark, it is recommended to install it inside the shoe cabinet if necessary.

2). The light strip is installed on the sideboard

Installing a recessed light strip on the sideboard is also very beautiful and practical, especially when the light is on, which immediately improves the appearance of the restaurant. In particular, the sideboards use glass doors, and light strips are made to light up the decorations inside.

3). the light strip is installed on the cabinet

In addition to ceiling headlights for cabinets, it is recommended to install embedded light strips under the wall cabinets. You can also consider installing spotlights in the glass cabinet doors and lights that can be measured as soon as you turn on the drawer cabinets. like to be accent lighting, The layout design of these lights in the cabinet will make the cabinet full of high-level sense and easy to use, and there is no need to worry about insufficient light for cutting vegetables.

4). the light strip is installed on the TV cabinet in the living room

led lighting strips ideas: Many people like to make full-face cabinets for TV cabinets. The full-face cabinets are very monotonous. You can consider partly making glass cabinet doors and embedded light strips inside. Once the lights are turned on, the whole living room is shining with stars.

5). the light strip is installed in the closet

Ideas for led strip lights: Lamp strips embedded in the inside of the closet are very popular nowadays. The light comes on when the door is opened, making it easy to find clothes. If your home made glass wardrobe doors or open wardrobe doors, you should install LED light strips, so you can find the clothes you need without opening the door.

6). the light strip is installed in the study room

If there is a desk or bookcase in the bedroom, you can consider installing a light strip below, not only to brighten the lighting, but also as an auxiliary light source for the desk lamp, which greatly enhances the appearance of the home.

If your home is renovating, if you want to install light strips, it is recommended to reserve the circuit direction in advance during the special water and electricity stage before the decoration to facilitate the later installation of light strips.

Do you know? YIFORD’s LED soft light strips are installed in the background wall, which is also very good. How to design the background wall lighting? What kind of lighting is suitable? You can read this article,​ there are many case diagrams for your reference.

Lighting Ideas For Your Cabinets

Yiford COB LED Strip lights

If you want to make the light uniform, the brightness is soft and not dazzling, you should choose the COB light strip from YIFORD.​

Compared with traditional SMD soft light strips, COB light strips have no graininess, the density of the lamp beads can almost emit light in a line, and the color consistency is high. It can replace some high-density light strips on the market. COB not only saves costs, but also Solve the problems of graininess, chromatic aberration and easy soldering. YIFORD’s COB soft light strip can disperse the heat of the chip, improve the light efficiency and improve the glare effect of LED lights.

Cob Led Light Strips And Smd Light Strips

cob led light strips and SMD light strips

The luminous effects of COB light strips and SMD rope lights

Color of COB LED strip lights

Cob Led Strips Color

Yiford COB light strips colors

YIFORD’s COB light strips come in a variety of colors. What color is suitable?

Warm White And Neutral Light For Room

white color for room

The indoor lighting color of the family should be neutral light or warm light as much as possible. If the color of the background wall light belt is darker on the top wall or if you want to highlight it with a specific material, use white led light. On the one hand, it is brighter, energy efficient, and on the other hand, it has a better performance effect on the surface material. If you want to emphasize the atmosphere, or don't want to be too bright, use warm light.

Different Color Temperature Of The Light

white color temperature

Yiford provides you with a reference for the color temperature of the light. In general, we recommend using a warm white light of about 3500K for the light in the general home, so that the lighting environment is more warm and protects the eyes, and it will not affect the color of other decorative surfaces. (About 4000K is neutral light, 6000K is positive white light). The restaurant can use warm white 3000K lights, which can make food shiny and more appetizing;

CCT tunable White COB LED Strip Lights

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color light for room

Led Lighting For Room

colorful mood lighting

If you like to make the room colorful mood lighting, such as white, red, green, blue, pink, purple, etc., you can install YIFORD's RGB soft light strips​ behind the TV or on the ceiling. color changing led strip lights effect is as follows:


Well, the above briefly introduced to you, the importance and artistry of background lighting in home background wall decoration, then we must pay attention to avoid the following problems in practical applications:
  1. It is not possible to install the background light for the purpose of installing the background light. You must consider the size of the room wall and choose the appropriate background light;
  2. The brightness of the light is not easy to be too bright or too dark, and the appropriate illuminance will make the room more warm and comfortable;
  3. When decorating the background wall, pay attention to the overall color matching. Do not enter the misunderstanding that the richer the color, the better the atmosphere will be created. It must be coordinated with the overall home matching, and not too abrupt and destroy the beauty of the entire home decoration.
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