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Brand Store Lighting Design 3

brand store lighting design case

ON/OFF is a buyer's store owned by Fosun Group and BFC with many top independent designer brands. It is located in the commercial district of Shanghai Bund Financial Center and was newly designed and completed by SLT Design Studio (STUDIOLITE).

Brand Store Lighting Design 2

Customer aisle lighting

The Pop-Up area is a cave-like mysterious passage, customized LED curved soft screen lighting tools, using dynamic digital content to quickly enhance the space atmosphere and commercial interest.

Brand Store Lighting Design 1

internal space lighting

The design of the internal space breaks the relatively unified approach of the general retail space, and combines the site characteristics to naturally divide the space into areas with different characteristics. At the same time, track lights + linear lights have become the key lighting and basic lighting of the space.

Brand Store Lighting Design 4

wall and ceiling lighting

The semi-curved walls of different heights are integrated with the tailoring of the clothes, as if they are “tailor-made” customization.

Brand Store Lighting Design 5

linear lights on the space

A large number of linear lights are used, which is full of dynamics, continuously deriving flow, and directing people's focus of attention.

Brand Store Lighting Design 6

top space with linear lights

The ceiling with criss-cross lines at the top of the space is embedded with linear lamps

Brand Store Lighting Design 7

lighting reflect with mirror

It forms a staggered light distribution with the indoor lighting, and layering with the mirror reflects a sense of hierarchy.

Brand Store Lighting Design 8

linear lighting for shape

Outlined by linear lights

Brand Store Lighting Design 9

different white color for different area

The overall soft color of the wall and the vibrant and lively colorful geometric mosaic carpets in different areas are balanced with the tones of the wall, perfecting the transition between vitality and texture.

Brand Store Lighting Design 10

colorful decoration

The selected custom-made terrazzo, natural marble and other materials retain the original polished traces and collide with the hand-cut texture of the clothes, as if people are in an abstract and constructivist art gallery.

Brand Store Lighting Design 11

translucent lighting

The translucent lighting in the box above the counter blends with the tone of the entire space, giving rise to a kind of shining light.

Brand Store Lighting Design 12

panel lighting on ceiling

The semi-circular arc light outlines the beauty of the flowing geometric structure.

Which Led Light Strips Best For Those 8 Positions?

1. COB LED Strips

Cob Led Strips 1

COB LED Strip Lights

This flexible COB (Chip on Board) LED strip light is perfect for background lighting, lighting in cupboards, and decorating your home. Its continuous design makes it ideal for installing in places where you don’t want to see the dots of the individual LEDs, such as under cupboards above benches. It is constructed with a very flexible circuit conducting strip which the LEDs are mounted on and comes with an adhesive 3M backing. Product review:

Features About COB LED Strips

【No Dark Area Rope Light】

Cob Led Strip Light Effect 3 Scaled

Dotless Led Strip Lighting Consistence

A chip-on-board strip that creates the effect of a continuous stream of light. 3oz copper double-side PCB is excellent for optimal thermal management. Covered with phosphor make it have a consistency lighting outputs. Application for accent, edge, shop windows lighting.

Soft And Flexible

Cob Led Strip Light Effect 1

Flexible Led Lighting

The COB light strip uses a very soft FPC as the substrate, which can be bent greatly, is easy to shape, and is suitable for various decorations and lighting.

【Lower Energy Consumption And Higher Brightness】

Led Lights In 8 Positions 5

Energy Saving

This COB LED Strip Light is 10W per meter offer 1000lumen per metre bright lights, even you can use it as an alternative to daily lighting. It is dimmable means that you can select any brightness level you like.

【Very Easy To Use】

Cut Led Strip

Easy Connect Together

Plug and play and hardwire options available. One end weld DC female plug readily connectable to a 12V/24V/5V You can cut it short segment, after cut, you don’t need to any tools to re-connect the strips. Use yiford solderless connector, you can rejoint them in 1 second.

Compare COB And SMD Led Strips

Compare Cob And Smd 1

Compared SMD And COB LED Light Strips

Compared to the regular SMD LED Strip Lights,the highlights of COB LED Strip Lights are as follows: Brighter and more uniform light without spots Soft light, No glare, No eye damage Cuttable, Bendable(0-180 degree) Better Lumen-Per-Watt, Ratios and Heat Efficiency Higher Color Rendering Index(CRI 90+) benefits reflection of true color

2. Silicon LED Tube Lights

Silicone Led Tube Channel 2

Silicone LED Tube Channel Systems For LED Strips

Silicon led tube is a high output fixture that features either a domed top which produces a wider beam angle or a low-profile option that is perfect for flush mounting on walkways or stair casings. Its durability and weather resistance make it suitable for extreme weather conditions. Flexibility is just one of the many features which allow designers to explore organic shapes and advanced patterns,

Features For Silicone Led Channel System

Silicone Led Tube Channel 1

Silicone Led Tube For Led Strip Lights

Flexible & easy to cut – 100% made of silicone. It can be bent freely and cut easily to modelling for its great flexibility. It’s the perfect product for you to decorate your home. Spotless & slim – Side translucent luminous surface with neon effect (match variety types led strips, the density of led bulbs is important to the luminous performance), light up your home easily. Slim size do not take up much space. Fit LED light stripswill have better effect. Waterproof lightstrip is not recommended to be used in this led channel due to the height. Please review yiford website to choose suitable sharp and size silicon tube. IP67 water & dust resistant – Manufactured by integral molding , with great airtight. (The end caps should be glued with sealant.) Rainproof and can be soaked in water for a short time ( Can not be soaked for a long time). Suitable for kitchen, cabinet, patio ,living room and temporary use of outdoor parties. Easy to install – Fasten the LED strips to the string in the channel and pull it into the channel until the strip come out the other side. Screws and clips were included.

3. Linear Lights Aluminum Profile

Led Aluminum Profile 1

Led Aluminum Profile For Led Strip Lights

This Linear Lights is perfect for installing strip light in a straight line, or if you require a diffused look. The channel is made from brushed aluminium and it has a frosted PVC cover that clips onto the channel, protecting the strip light inside. Mount it to most surfaces with glue or screws using the clips provided. This channel is suitable for yiford non-waterproof led strips. choose the strips base on the aluminum profile size.

Aluminum Profile List
Aluminum Profile List
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