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Neon LED strips can get you the retro neon glass light look without all the hassle of installing glass fiaxtures at an affordable price. LED neon flex ropes are mainly for decorations. We can see them everywhere in night clubs, shops and many events.

Yiford neon light strips are extremely flexible, custom cuttable, and available in a number of colors.

Model NO. YF-ANSV2020
Model NO. YF-ANSV1212
Model NO. YF-ANSV0616
Model NO. YF-ANSV0612-2
Model NO. YF-ANSVD40
Model NO. YF-ANSVD22-2
Model NO. YF-ANSVD22
Model NO. YF-ANSV1225
Model NO. YF-ANSV3032
Model NO. YF-ANSV1018
Model NO. YF-ANSV1220-3
Model NO. YF-ANSV1220-2
Model NO. YF-ANSV1220
Model NO. YF-ANSV0410
Model NO. YF-ANTV1624
Model NO. YF-ANTV2018
Model NO. YF-ANTV10030
Model NO. YF-ANTV7030

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