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Aluminum Channel for LED Strip Lights

High quality anodized LED aluminum channels for LED strip lights, also known as aluminum profiles or aluminum extrusions, are your best choice of installation and function companion for LED strip light projects. They are popularly used as LED light strip diffuser to achieve better diffusion and set creative lighting effects, and work as LED strip mounting channel to assist LED strip light installation. LED light channel with diffuser is often surface mounted for under cabinet lighting. Ceiling LED strip channel, recessed LED channel, and corner LED channel are among the top choices for LED strip light application. The aluminum channels provide housing and protection for LED strips. Working as heat sinks, they greatly improve the heat management of LED strips.

These specially designed LED strip light aluminum channels can be installed perfectly in grooves of cabinets, ceilings, stairs, walls, and floors. The resulting lighting is aesthetically beautiful and stylish due to its elegant linear shape, spotless diffusion, and low profile, and unobtrusive contours.

Why choose LED aluminum channels?

As illustrated above, LED strip lights inside the aluminum channel with diffuser deliver softer and more comfortable light than those without diffuser. The diffuser removes the glare of the lighting. The light is more friendly to eyes and help protect your vision. Also the light looks more beautiful with aluminum channel. It offers dotless lighting when installed inside a proper aluminum channel with diffuser.

Yiford is a leading aluminum profile LED supplier based in China, we provide high-quality LED strip channels and accessories in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can customize your led aluminum profiles for your specific applications with Yiford. Check below our different led channels and their specifications!

Model NO. YF-ALP001-R
Model NO. YF-ALP002-RL
Model NO. YF-ALP002-R
Model NO. YF-ALP003-R
Model NO. YF-ALP004-RL
Model NO. YF-ALP005
Model NO. YF-ALP004-R
Model NO. YF-ALP006
Model NO. YF-ALP007-R
Model NO. YF-ALP008
Model NO. YF-ALP044
Model NO. YF-ALP043
Model NO. YF-ALP041
Model NO. YF-ALP035
Model NO. YF-ALP024
Model NO. YF-ALP023-R2
Model NO. YF-ALP022
Model NO. YF-ALP020
Model NO. YF-ALP019
Model NO. YF-ALP009

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