DIY COB LED Strip lights for art frame

author: Shirley
DIY COB LED Strip lights for art frame:


What is the effect of installing a COB soft light strip on the drawing board

maybe you want it to be more eye-catching, maybe you want more people to appreciate it , Try this COB soft light strip, high color rendering index, so that your paintings are more reductive, what other ideas can you think of? You can create more surprises with COB light strips

Want to make your painting more eye-catching? Use this COB soft light strip

COB is the abbreviation of CHIP ON BOARD, which means that flip chip is arranged on the soft light strip, and the COB soft light strip looks like a soft tie Belt, with strong flexibility, folding and bending, the overall light is uniform, soft and not dazzling, and the brightness is high. It usually replaces traditional lighting fixtures,