How to understand energy-saving signs when buying energy-saving lamps?

How to understand energy-saving signs when buying energy-saving lamps?

Even if the energy efficiency label is affixed, not all of it represents energy saving

The reporter learned from the municipal quality supervision department that the country has now issued mandatory national standards for the production and energy efficiency levels of energy-saving lamps.  in the national standards, energy-saving lamps involve many types of products, and energy-saving lamps for civil general lighting mainly refer to fluorescent lamps. There are a variety of national mandatory standards for this product, covering the production of components ranging from fluorescent lamp safety requirements and energy efficiency restrictions to fluorescent lamp pipelines.

In terms of energy efficiency standards, in 2003, two fluorescent lamp energy efficiency standards were promulgated and implemented: "Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Grades of Double-capped Fluorescent Lamps for General Lighting" and "Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Grades of Self-ballasted Fluorescent Lamps for General Lighting". According to reports, in accordance with the standard requirements, the energy efficiency grades of the two fluorescent lamp energy efficiency standards adopt a 3-level system. Level 1 is the highest value and also the target value. At present, only a few products on the market can reach it, and the quantity only accounts for about 5% of all products on the market. Level 2 is an advanced, high-efficiency product, which is an energy-saving evaluation value. Products that reach Level 2 can obtain the energy-saving certification mark after certification, which accounts for about 35%. Level 3 is the lowest level, which is the limited value of energy efficiency, and the products below level 3 are obsolete products and are prohibited from being sold on the market.

Experts said that according to national standards, energy-saving lamps in the strict sense must meet the level 2 energy efficiency standard or above in order to truly save energy. Energy-saving lamps that meet the Level 2 standard can pass the audit and approval of energy-saving certification bodies. At present, my country has China Energy Conservation Certification and some provincial energy conservation certification agencies. China Energy Conservation Certification is entrusted by the China Energy Conservation Product Certification Management Committee to the "China Energy Conservation Product Certification Center". Enterprises that have obtained energy conservation product certification will obtain energy conservation product certification. , And allow energy-saving labels to be affixed to its certified products. Consumers can identify and choose energy-efficient products based on the energy-saving labels on the product or its packaging.

Consumers who have bought energy-saving lamps or energy-saving appliances will certainly not be unfamiliar with energy efficiency labels. There are currently 15 categories of products that have been included in the management of energy efficiency labels. Manufacturers generally print an energy efficiency label composed of blue and white on the eye-catching position of the product. However, experts told reporters that energy-saving lamps with energy efficiency labels are not necessarily energy-saving. Generally, energy-saving lamps use Level 3 energy efficiency labels. Although some energy-saving lamp product packages have energy efficiency labels, a closer inspection reveals that the energy efficiency label index is red, which is the level 3 energy efficiency limit value. Therefore, experts remind consumers that if you want to buy real energy-saving lamps, you can't just look at the energy efficiency label. The most effective way is to look for the "China Energy Conservation Certification" logo composed of white background, blue symbols and green fonts on the product packaging.

According to the "Energy Conservation Law" and the "Energy Conservation Product Certification Management Measures", energy-saving products can only be advertised with the words "energy-saving" and affixed with the "energy-saving" logo when they pass the energy-saving certification of the relevant national authority. Therefore, when purchasing energy-saving lamps, looking at energy-saving signs is still a more reliable way to distinguish.