How to choose led strips?

author: Shirley
How to choose led strips?
How to choose led strips
How to choose led strip

1. Color

In terms of color, LED lights color have "colorful", "white", "warm white", "red", "green", "yellow", "blue" and so on. Theoretically, LEDs can call out many colors, but the mainstream is just such a few. Depending on the color temperature, there will be some "deviations".

2. Model

Whether you can buy a good chip, in addition to whether you can pay a good price when you buy it yourself, depends on the integrity of the manufacturer. Generally speaking, European, American and Japanese chips are better than Taiwanese chips, and Taiwanese chips are better than domestic ones. But the price is also higher than one. 

Sometimes I am really "proud": there is really no shortage of talents in the country. Once any product arrives in China, not only the performance of the product is "decreased", but the price also drops. Therefore, when you choose, don't guard against choosing some medium-priced products. It won't be great, but it won't be terrible either. The bids are very low, the quality is really "nothing to say", and the bids are high, and you can't buy American chips either. The reason is that the market share is small and the manufacturers will not produce. I believe you will not spend a high price to buy a product that only "50%" may use American chips? 

The SMD5050 used in the light strip is packaged with Taiwan's high-brightness chips, and the luminous flux is 1-2lm higher than ordinary chips. A 5050 lamp bead has three chips. When one chip is damaged, it will not affect the other two chips to emit light. When only three cores are damaged, only a group of three 5050s will not light up, which will not affect the entire light strip.