What is a half cover silicone sleeve?

Half Cover Silicone Sleeve

half cover silicone tube for led strip lights

The half-cover silicone sleeve also called split-type silicone sleeve,  it is different from the full-sleeve type. Its bottom is hollowed out, and the hollowed-out space is where the light strip is installed and hidden. No need to enter the light strip first, use it immediately after slotting, with built-in ribs, no need to seal

Function for half cover silicone led tube

Half Cover Silicone Sleeve 2

Function effect of the silicone sleeve

The effect of their installation is very similar, the biggest difference is the process of installation: Full sleeve type silicone sleeve, before installation, the LED light strip must first enter the sleeve. The half-cover type silicone sleeve does not need to pass the light strip first. The LED light strip should be installed first, and then the half-cover sleeve is covered on the LED light strip.

video here how to use the U shape silicone groove with led strip lights:

What are the characteristics of the half cover type silicone sleeve

Half Cover Silicone Sleeve 3

Flexible bending freely

half cover silicone sleeve is made of new silicone material, It has a long life, easy to fabricate, simpler, and high transparency. The space in the new silicone light strip is effectively soft and uniform, and the effect of light output is very good! Bending resistance, easy to shape, good resistance, stable performance, Good quality, passed the twist test of more than 30,000 times in the factory。

Half Cover Silicone Sleeve 4

uniform lighting

Uniform light emission, no light spots

Work with LED Strip lights

Half Cover Silicone Sleeve 5

lighting effective

The left picture below shows the SMD light strip and the half-cover type silicone sleeve. When the SMD light strip emits light, the light spot can be seen. The picture on the right shows that the half-cover type silicone sleeve is placed on the top of the SMD light strip. There is no light spot, the light is uniform, the light is soft, and it is not dazzling.

Half Cover Silicone Sleeve 6


The silicone sleeve can be cut arbitrarily, and the cutting tool is also very simple, and it can be cut to any length with scissors.

Half Cover Silicone Sleeve 7

fire resistance

Silicone material has stable performance, anti-oxidation, no yellowing, and fire resistance

Video for silicone led tube lights

Here’s a video that tests some of the features of this product that might be of interest to you.


Where can silicone sleeves be used?
Sharing some practical cases, hoping to bring some inspiration to designers. Very convenient to shape, not only linear, but also curved installation applications

Available in a variety of sizes:

How to install the light strip and silicone sleeve?

A. Methods and steps for installing in the card slot:
1. According to the size of the silicone sleeve, make a hole for the slate or wood. Please note that the size of the opening is the bottom dimension of the sleeve, excluding the size of the sealing edge.
2. Paste the LED strip and test OK
3. Place the semi-silicone sleeve in the tank.

Half Cover Silicone Sleeve 15

install method

The half-cover type silicone sleeve has an outer edge, which can be directly and firmly embedded with the background board. There is no need to seal the edge indoors. If it is used outdoors or in a humid environment, it is recommended to apply another sealant to prevent moisture. Or waterproof.

Silicone tube with RGB colorful LED Strip Lights

Video for how is the effect with the silicone led tube

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