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It is Yiford's mission to provide the highest quality LED lighting for residential, commercial, & industrial applications. Since 2013 we have delivered award-winning service by providing customers with reliable, energy-efficient LED lighting solutions at an exceptional value! As a result, our company has emerged as a frontrunner in LED system design and product development.

We are proud to partner with engineers and designers to incorporate LED technology into original equipment manufacturing, research and development projects, resale, and distribution. From office and hotel furniture lighting, server rack lights, safe lights, lighting for signage, retail shelving, and high-end glass and metal sculptures, to automotive lifts, golf carts lights, LEDs for boat docks, lighting in casino gaming machines, electro-mechanical equipment LED applications, and so much more, Yiford does it all. With our comprehensive line of LED products featuring flexible strips, panels, controllers, power supplies, and cables, our skilled technicians are prepared to mock-up designs and prototypes for even the busiest contractors, retail stores, and distribution partners, today.

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