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How to choose best led strips and led profile channel system

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  • 1-3  Choose LED Strip Lights

The light strips is a special existence in space lighting. It looks like a belt, but its shape is varied. The home space using the light belt is beautiful. It is not a lamp that only depends on appearance, but also has unique advantages in performance. It is the darling of design companies.

Interesting to know more about LED Strip Lights?
 cob led strips buying guide COB LED Strips Buying Guide


Yiford provides 2 different series of light strips, as many as hundreds of styles for users to choose: 

cob led strip light COB LED Strip Light Product List

including all the single color dotless cob strip lights. RGB COB strips and CCT COB strips,Digital IC COB led strips are available.

smd led strip lightsSMD LED Strips Lights Product List
More than 100+ kinds of SMD flexible led strip lights. All the single color, RGB, CCT turnable, addressable strips, RGB and RGBW strips , Digtial IC Addressable LED strips are available.


  • 2-3   Choose LED Channel System

With the subject light, it's time to make it more stylish. LED light strips can be used with various materials such as metal, stone, plastic, and glass.

neon flex tube Neon Flex Tube Product List

Silicon flex neon light, It is using silicon extrusion molding new technology. Protect the led strip light up to IP67. And it used widely for indoor and outdoor stylish design. 

led aluminum profile:  LED Aluminum Profile Product List
Popular led aluminum profile, led aluminum extrusion, Led aluminum channel for led strip lights. Create beautiful lighting effects.

ceiling light linear ChannelsCeiling Light Linear Channel Product List
The office led linear light, led linear light system, led pendant, led recessed light, Free design with the aim of providing the best solution for your lighting projects.


LED Channel System

led lights accessary
  • 3-3   Choose LED Accessary

LED accessories are a very important helper when you use flexible light strips, strip lights, and contour lights. Small accessories that seem inconspicuous and low-value can bring great convenience to users.

led power supply adapterLED Power Supply Product List 
Switching power supplies convert AC 110V/220V line voltage to a low DC constant voltage output; matching the input voltage specifications of LED drivers

led controller dimmer LED Controller Product List
LED controllers is the necessary parts to achieve remote control the lighting effects for LED strip and LED lights, including adjust brightness level, select color, and switch color-changing modes.


led strip light connectors accessaryLED Strip Light Connectors Product List
For connecting the LED light strip, which makes the installation of the LED light strip easier and faster. 


Yiford is a leading creator of interior decoration and lighting, focusing on lighting solutions.
We create comfortable and energy-saving lighting and decorations for various spaces from home furnishings to commercial office buildings to luxury hotels.

Yiford Main Products:

COB LED Strip Lights, LED Neon Flex Strip, SMD LED Light Strip,
LED Power Supply, LED Controller, Cable Connectors,
LED Aluminum Profiles, Led Ceiling Linear Lighting, LED Plant Grown Lights
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COB LED Strip Lights Buying Guide
2021 12.07

COB LED Strip Lights Buying Guide

This guide will guide newer and experts on how to find the most suitable COB LED strips for work,
How to overcome common installation problems, and how to better use them.
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All information about Led Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Lights
2022 01.21

All information about Led Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Lights

This article aims to introduce some basic knowledge of led aluminum profiles to you, and help you choose high-quality led aluminum profile products for your projects.
What is led aluminum profile
How to choose led aluminum profiles?
Top 10 con

How to Cut | Connect | Power COB FOB LED Strip Lights You Must Know
2021 10.09

How to Cut | Connect | Power COB FOB LED Strip Lights You Must Know

This video will show you how to cut, connect and power COB LED Strip lighting.
In this video, you will find out:
- The tools needed and the correct way to cut LED strip lighting, maintaining full LED bulb functionality.
- Using a clip-on conn

Professional excellence, proud of quality

We are good at the LED industry and are proud of the best quality of our products. We manufacture LED light strips, just like artistic creation. With great enthusiasm and determined efforts, we just provide everyone with the best LED strips at the best price.

This is a one-stop service to meet your LED light strip lighting needs, dotless COB led light strip, SMD light strip, indoor or outdoor waterproof, single color or discoloration, warm white, neutral white, cool white or adjustable white, normal CRI To ultra-high CRI, IC programmable Pixel lighting strips, ultra-high lumen output, ultra-thin to wide strips, aluminum extrusion profiles, power supplies, LED controllers, LED strip connectors, etc.

If you have special needs for LED lights, please let us know and we can customize them for you quickly and comprehensively. All in all, we can provide you with everything you need to install LED strips!

About US

Yiford is a manufacture and supplier for COB LED Strips/SMD LED Strips/Digitial LED Strips/Linear Led Lighting/Ceiling Lights and so on. also offer led lighting accesssary parts such as power supply/controller/connectors. Help architects, product designers, interior and exterior designers and decoration contractors to create better lighting solutions.
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