Detailed introduction to the advantages of COB light strips

author: Shirley

This page simply shows the characteristics and advantages of COB light strips.

If you want to see a more complete introduction to COB light strips, it will explain in detail the 18 major characteristics of COB light strips, how to use each feature, and how to make the lighting more interesting for our design.
Please : cob led strips introduction  COB LED Light Strips Most Complete Introduction

If you want to understand the application scenarios of COB light strips, whether it is large or small, whether it is commercial or home, whether it is stage display or personal DIY, there are cases here,
Please  application ideas for led strip lights  
Application ideas for LED Strip Lighting

If you want to know what type of COB light comes with, how to choose the most suitable light strip? How to use it better?
Please  buying guide for cob led strips COB led strip buying guide 

cob led strips features

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