LED light strips connector

In order to help customers know more before buying LED light strip connectors, we comprehensively explained various LED light strip light solderless connectors, LED wire connectors, LED wires and other LED accessories and their usage and installation methods, as well as related Note, such as 8mm wide and 10mm wide PCB connectors, 2-pin LED strip connectors, cable splitters, etc. The LED light strip connector is a very important LED accessory for connecting the LED light strip, which makes the installation of the LED light strip easier and faster. LED strip connectors are also called LED strip connectors by many people.

There are many factors to consider when buying LED light strip connectors, such as connecting light strips and light strips, light strips and wires, light strips and controllers, light strips and power adapters or power supplies. Monochrome white and color LEDs have a 2-pin LED connector light bar, or a 4-pin RGB LED light bar connector for color-changing LED light bars.

Types of led connectors

The transparent crystal connector is dedicated to COB flexible light strips, with high transparency and seamless connection. After lighting, there is almost no connection breakpoint. It is divided into 8mm wide and 10mm wide PCB boards. Currently, there are only single-color connections, RGB series The connector will be introduced in the future.

2-pin LED connector-suitable for warm white, neutral white, cool white, monochrome red, green and blue LED strips.
3-pin LED connector-used for adjustable white LED strips.
4-pin LED connector-used for RGB color-changing LED strips.
5-pin LED connector-for RGBW LED strips.

Some types are non-waterproof strips, and other types are waterproof strips. It is also necessary to consider the width of the LED strip, the density of the LEDs on the strip, the power or current of the LED strip, and the current carrying capacity of the connecting wire.

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