cob led strip lights 320leds
cob led strip lights 320leds
cob led strips compare smd led strips
cob led strip lights
cob led strip lights cuttable
COB led strips light consistent
cob led strip lights 320leds
cob led strips compare smd led strips
cob led strip lights
cob led strip lights cuttable
COB led strips light consistent

cob led strip lights dotless FCOB light strip 320leds

Model NO.
1、Wide beam angle, 180 degree

2、8mm PCB width, 24VDC, 320leds

3、High CRI>90, SDCM<5, restore true color

4、No dark area, perfect light performance

5、High lumen output, more than 1000lm/meter

6、Widely used in decoration and accents lighting such as bar, hotel, shops, gardens,etc

Features for FCOB LED Strips lights 320leds per meter:

Part Number: YF-JWD24AB20X-320

Upgraded NEW COB LED Strip Lights 5M 1600leds Super Brighter"Chip On Board", High quality cob led strip is Flexible and it can be shaped, Super Brightness, Dimmable. All the light spread and completely smooth, luminous very even.

FCOB led light strip is 16.4FT 5M 320leds/m, total 1600les/5M, DC24V led strip.  CRI>90, super bright and high density. The light is uniform and soft, and the effect is good. It is the first choice for modern lighting and home decoration. 

FCOB Flexible Rope Lights: Compared with ordinary LED light strips, COB tape light is composed of a large number of LED beads, which is very dense. It can provide smooth and uniform light without spots. The heat of COB chip can be quickly transferred to the PCB board, so the heat dissipation speed is faster than that of ordinary light strips, and the life span is longer and can be used for a longer time.

COB LED Strips: There is a stronger self-adhesive tape (3M Adhesive) on the back of the LED strip. You can easily mount it on a dry and flat surface, and please keep the surface clean and tidy. The flexible FPCB led strip allows it to be freely bent into the shape you want. Very perfect for home and commercial lighting decoration.

Cuttable/ connectable: This COB LED strip can be cut along the cutting line. The attachable and cuttable feature gives you a lot of flexibility to achieve the desired length and shape to meet different needs. With the strongest 3M adhesive and 8mm width, it can be easily installed in narrow places, such as cabinet decoration, edge hooking, wardrobe...

Widely Used: Perfect interior lighting decoration projects, such as bedroom, kitchen, furniture lighting, living room, under cabinets, sofa, wardrobe, TV or monitor backlight; Used for billboard backlight, billboards, bridges, park squares; Also suitable for holiday decoration and display cabinets, windows, hotels, bars, KTV, nightclubs ect.

LED soft light strip is also called LED tape light strip, or flexible led light strips, and COB is the abbreviation of CHIP ON BOARD, which means that flip chip is arranged on the soft light strip, and the COB soft light strip looks like a soft tie Belt, with strong flexibility, folding and bending, there are light-emitting chips with small output power all over the surface, the overall light is uniform, soft and not dazzling, and the brightness is high. It usually replaces traditional lighting fixtures, so it is called LED COB Soft light strips.

10 Minutes To Make A Colorful Lighting On Background
we know led strip is light, high brightness, flexible,slim,and with a lot of applications. Today I will show you how to use the cob light strip to make a beautiful light for this background.

Which types connector could be used for the cob led strip lights?
Light strips are often need be cutted or re-connected, and some problems related to cutting will be involved here. Here we use the new type flexible lighting COB (chip on board) light strips as a case to explain all the questions you have.  you will get know How to cut and connect cob led light strips ? with different types connectors.


Single color led strip lights video
What is warm white 3000K led strip lights?
What is cool white 6000K led strip lights?
What is Ice Blue COB LED Strip Lights?
What is Pink COB LED Strip Lights?
What is Purple LED Strip Lights? 

multiple colors led strip lights
Digital Pixel Addressable built-in IC COB LED Strip Lights effect show
Tunable CCT White Color Temperature Change COB LED Strips
Neon FLex LED Strips Lighting Programm Change
Yiford pixel COB led strips work with the music/sound, you have never seen it before.
The digital led strip lights with sound/music controller.

led strip lights for furniture for room
What is the effect of installing a COB soft light strip under the sofa
DIY Decorating room with fairy attractive lights
Color Change Temperature CCT Strips DIY on refrigerator
Installing COB led strip on the foot of the wall is so easy.

6 Amazing LED Strip Lighting Ideas For Your Cabinets
in this article, I will share with you about"how to install Yiford's COB flexible light strip​ design on a custom cabinet", You can consider installing light strips in these 6 places, which are really nice and easy to use.


What the lighting strip ideas ideas? How and where use led strip lights? 
Light is everywhere in life, LED products are very common, and LED light strips are widely welcomed by users. whether it is civilian or military, whether it is large stage lighting or small electronic products, LED light strips can be seen.
In this article, we will share the creative usage and usage of light strips. What kind of creative ideas can be achieved with light strips? Where could use the led light strip, and How to use led strip lights.

How to Cut | Connect | Power COB FOB LED Strip Lights
COB light strips are usually 5 meters in a roll, and we don't necessarily use 5 meters in daily use,
we often need to cut or connect multiple strips. you may have question about: can I cut led light strips? how to connect two led strips together? 
how to power led strip lighting? How should COB light strips be used correctly?
This BLOG content will be shared with you.
If you want to know how to choose the most suitable LED strip, please refer to this buyer's guide:

This article will tell you what is a COB LED light strip, what are the advantage of a COB light strip,  What is the difference between COB and SMD,how to choose COB led strip lights, top 9 consideration for buying a COB light strip, how to install a COB lighting strip, how to apply a COB light strip, how Maintaining COB Strips.

COB Strips Range:

Warm white, neutral white, cool white, tunable white.
Red, green, blue, yellow, pink, purple,
RGB Color Change
RGB addressable COB LED strip Lights.
Outdoor waterproof light strips.
Different voltages 5V 12V 24V.

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