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Silicone Led Channel

led Neon Light Strips

Neon LED strips can get you the retro neon glass light look without all the hassle of installing glass fiaxtures at an affordable price. LED neon flex ropes are mainly for decorations. We can see them everywhere in night clubs, shops and many events.
Yiford neon light strips are extremely flexible, custom cuttable, and available in a number of colors.


Which Types Connector Is Best For Led Strip Lights

The transparent crystal connector is dedicated to COB flexible light strips, with high transparency and seamless connection. After lighting, there is almost no connection breakpoint. It is divided into 8mm wide and 10mm wide PCB boards. Currently, there are only single-color connections, RGB series The connector will be introduced in the future.

Led Controller

LED Controller

LED controllers, also called LED light controller, are the necessary parts to achieve remote control the lighting effects for LED strip and LED lights, including adjust brightness level, select color, and switch color-changing modes.

Led Driver Switching Power Supply Transformer Adapter For Led Lights

power supply

witching power supplies convert AC 110V or 220V line voltage to a low DC constant voltage output; matching the input voltage specifications of LED drivers.

Led Aluminum Profiles

Cabinet Lighting

led aluminum channels, inside is the led strip light or led light bar.
Install the led cabinet lights directly under neath your cabinet ,silluminate the countertops below for safer, more functional for food prepare and brighter. 

Suspend Mount

Suspended Mounting

Suspended mount, generally can also be used for recessed mount, surface mount, Yiford is with variety of installation accessories can be choosed.
Whatever your domestic or commercial lighting project, our easy-to-install suspendable LED profiles offer a stylish look and finish to complement the aesthetic in your task zones,

Led Aluminum Profile Yf-Alp006

Corner Mounting

This led strip light channel can accommodate LED strips/tape/ribbon that are 8-10.5 millimeters wide.Metal mounting clips provides easy and secure installation.Frosted Light diffuser slightly diffuses the light to create softer,smoother,desirable lighting effect.

Perfect Surface-Mounting

surface installation

Aluminum LED channel is anodized extruded, great in heat dissipation, while the LED diffuser cover protects the LED strip from dust and physical contact, extend the life span of flexible led light strips. The shape and weight of the LED Strip Diffuser channel play a key role in the heat dissipation of the LEDs. All our models are made from fast heat transferring aluminum and pass certain loading tests. 

Led Aluminum Profiles

Recessed installation

Small size recessed mounting aluminum profiles led can be installed with a thermo conductive adhesive tape or glue,  and bigger models has own independent mounting brackets. each led aluminum channel has the install bracket or clips for installation, you can chooise it base on how will your lighting project designed.

Aluminum Profile

LED Aluminum Profile

LED Aluminum channels (or extrusions) and LED diffusers are one of the most popular accessories for LED strips, and you should definitely consider aluminum channels as an optional lighting accessory when planning your LED strip as a lighting or decorative feature.

Half Cover Silicone Sleeve

Half cover silicone sleeve

The half-cover silicone sleeve also called split-type silicone sleeve,  it is different from the full-sleeve type. Its bottom is hollowed out, and the hollowed-out space is where the light strip is installed and hidden.
No need to enter the light strip first, use it immediately after slotting, with built-in ribs, no need to seal

Waterproof Led Strips

Waterproof cOB LED Strips

Waterproof processing is carried out on the basis of bare light strips (IP20 led strips), and waterproof materials are used to semi-package and fully wrap the light strips to achieve waterproof effect. smd waterproof led strip lights process and materials is same used for the waterproof cob led strips. 

24V Cob Led Strip Light

24V COB LED Strip lights

24V COB LED strip Lights COB led strip lights uses advanced LED design to produce strip lights with a seamless, dot-free line of light. chip on board technology allows for a higher density of LEDs, 12V cob strips, 24V cob strips. led chip quantity each meter has 210leds, 312leds,320leds, 378leds,384leds, 480leds, 528leds, 608leds, 768leds, 840leds, 1134leds.for a more intense and uniform illumination that reduces heat.  With no need for additional diffusers,  and a narrow 8mm width, these stripscan fit in applications with low clearance. what is cob led strips ? COB is short for Chip On Board, which means that the led chip is directly packaged on …

24V COB LED Strip lights Read More »

Usb Led Light Strip Review -- 5V 6V Usb Powered Led Strip

USB LED Lighting

5v cob led strips are the perfect solution for creating a custom party, wedding decoration and stage lighting in your home. USB powered led strips is easy to install, simply plug them into any USB port on your computer or power bank, use their adhesive backing to stick them under cabinets, desks, and shelves for easy cover lighting.

Cob Led Strips--Best Led Light Strips 2022

COB LED Strip Lights

The newest led lights COB LED has new innovation design, achieves higher light levels with a more uniform appearance than its predecessors. as best led strip lights, COB technology offers increased levels of light dispersion banishing those dark then bright patches created by narrow beam fittings.

Silicone Led Channel

Silicone LED Channel Tube For LED Strip Lights

LED light strip silicone sleeve is a highly transparent silicone sleeve specially used for LED light strips. It is an LED auxiliary accessory and plays the role of heat insulation, anti-collision, waterproof, etc. It is also called neon sleeve, flexible neon sleeve Siphon, LED waterproof casing, led neon light strips. etc.

Brand Store Case

Lighting design case share: brand store

The design of the internal space breaks the relatively unified approach of the general retail space,
and combines the site characteristics to naturally divide the space into areas with different characteristics.
At the same time, track lights + linear lights have become the key lighting and basic lighting of the space.

Lights Cooperate With Space

How to make LED lights cooperate with your space

Light luxury residence, easy interpretation of gentleman-like exquisite taste under lighting
The 105-square-meter residence is decorated with a combination of gray and brown to create a home space.
Under the embellishment of warm yellow lights, the texture and details can be seen without any reservation, and it is easy to interpret the exquisite taste like a gentleman.

Color Temperature

how to choose correct color temperature

The correct light selection is often the organic unity of “beauty” demand and “health” demand.
The beauty is: 1 to create a living atmosphere; 2 adapt to the overall style.
And health is a comfortable soft and non-glaring light, which is not easy to produce physical fatigue.
How can you match the rays that meet the beautiful and healthy double demand? Today, I will teach you a tip: watch the color temperature!

Cutting Led Light Strips

Cut LED Light Strips– Frequently Asked Questions

The standard packaging of LED flexible light strips is 5 meters in a roll, but 5 meters are often not used directly in daily applications, and some light strips are often cut or re-connected, and some problems related to cutting will be involved here. we haveprepared a guide to help you to know everything you need to know about cutting LED light strips. Here we use the new type flexible lighting COB (chip on board) light strips as a case to explain

Unique Lighting Design Ideas

Unique Lighting Ideas For Rooms Without Main Lights | 14 Questions with Answers in LIGHTING DESIGN

The light is a spatial soul, under the demand for residentialization, people’s appeals against lighting, also rises from the basic lighting environment to create an atmosphere, and pursue more comfortable lighting environments.
There is more challenging in the design of the master. It is necessary to ensure the overall atmosphere while taking care of lighting. It is a good lighting solution.

Application Ideas

What are application ideas for LED Strip Lighting?

In this article, you will understand the application range of LED light strips,led strip lighting ideas, whether it is industrial or commercial, whether it is large-scale stage performances or small electronic products, whether it is high-tech fields or private DIY, LED light strips play a very important role.
Here are examples of 13 application areas, and they are explained in detail with pictures or videos, and welcome to add some more case.

Lighting Solutions Application

Where can led aluminum profiles Extrusions Light Channels be applied?

LED aluminum profile also called Led Aluminum Extrusions, it is a very popular and popular lighting material in lighting design.
More and more people are choosing to use led aluminum profiles in their lighting projects, from small cabinets to houses,
from residential to commercial lighting. But we are still confused when we are faced with many different led aluminum profiles. here are some lighting cases using led aluminum profiles.

Led Aluminum Profile Buying Guide

All information about Led Aluminum Profile Aluminum Extrusions Channels

Led Aluminum Profile Aluminum Extrusions Channels is one of most important materials for lighting projects, here will help you choose high-quality led aluminum profile products for your projects.
What is Led Aluminum Profile Aluminum Extrusions Channels
How to choose led aluminum profiles?
Top 10 considerations for purchasing led aluminum profiles
Where can led aluminum profiles be applied?

Cob Led Strip Buying Guide

COB LED Strip Lights Buying Guide

This guide will guide newer and experts on how to find the most suitable COB LED strips for work,
How to overcome common installation problems, and how to better use them.
If you have never read our LED Strip Light Guide, then you should start there first, because this will cover all the basics of LED Strip lighting.
If you are already familiar with light strips, and are happy to learn how COB light strips make the world of LED lighting better than reading!

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