Use LED light strips in these 8 positions / how beautiful the lighting is in the home

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Use LED light strips in these eight positions, not to mention how beautiful the lighting is in the home.

In the lighting design of home decoration, "seeing the light but not the light" has always been the realm pursued by many lighting designers, especially the LED light strips have the advantages of beautiful appearance, rich specifications, strong customization, flexible installation, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. It has become an important means to realize "seeing the light but not the light".
Looking at some excellent decoration design cases, you will find that the application of LED light strips is very common, and the effect is also very charming. So, where is the LED light strip suitable for installation at home?
I have summarized the following eight positions in total, let’s talk about them separately below:

1/8:The outer door of the hall

▲ The hall-passing area is the first area to enter the room. The most common application of LED light strips is above the shoe-changing area of the hall cabinets. Such an LED light strip not only provides convenience for changing shoes, but also becomes a push away. The warmth after the home is passed.

▲ The other two applications of LED light strips in the hall cabinets are the shelf area and the shoe area.

▲ The application of LED light strips under the partitions in the hall cabinets is also very common. However, due to the high cost, many people choose a few grids or simply not install them. Of course, this is a must-chosen item for local tyrants. Let people open the cabinet door and quickly find the clothes they are looking for. After all, time is money.

2/8: Living room

▲ The most widely used application in the living room is the application of the TV background wall. Installing an LED light strip above the suspended ceiling, the entire TV background wall will naturally become the center of the living room.

▲ The application of LED light strips can often be seen on ceilings and sofa background walls, especially in high-quality decoration projects, lamp pools made of LED light strips are very common.

▲ The shape of the LED light strip is ever-changing. For example, in the design case above, the LED light strip not only replaces the main light, but also makes the entire ceiling look more concise.

▲ It is becoming more and more common to use LED light strips on the background wall of sofas or other areas. Like the above case, install a warm light LED light strip in the middle of the wall to connect various spaces in the room. Very charming.

▲ Another common application is the application in the area below the shelf of the TV cabinet. An LED light strip is installed under each shelf, which is not only practical, but also allows the TV cabinet area to become the visual center of the living room.

3/8: Kitchen

▲ The most common application in the kitchen is under the wall cabinet, right? Among the owners we served last year, at least 80% of them have chosen this approach, which can provide sufficient light for the console.

4/8: Restaurant

▲ The most common application in restaurants is to install LED light strips under the shelf of the sideboard to achieve both practical and decorative purposes. Needless to say.

5/8: Bedroom

▲ It is also common to use LED light strips in the bedroom, especially in the position under the shelf in the closet.

▲ Hidden such an LED light strip in the ceiling of the bedside background wall of the bedroom can easily achieve the purpose of "seeing the light but not the light", so as to meet the requirements of the sleeping environment.

▲ You can also surround the head of the bed with more than half a circle of LED light strips, and a warm feeling will emerge spontaneously.

▲ You can also use LED light strips in the area of the bedside wall and some areas of the bedroom, and the effect achieved is also very good.

▲ The design case of the children's room above, using LED strips of different lengths on the ceiling and wall at the same time, achieves a stunning creative effect.

▲ In addition, LED light strips can also play a role in functional lighting. For example, installing one or two light strips above the workbench can avoid the trouble of placing a lamp on the worktop, and at the same time make the worktop look more For neatness and spaciousness.

6/8: Corridor

▲Who can have no corridors? If you don't want to install chandeliers on the ceiling of the corridor to weaken the sense of depression caused by insufficient floor height, LED strips must be the best choice.

▲ Installing the LED light strip on the baseboard position on the ground not only looks very beautiful and charming, but also plays a role in guiding the route, especially if there are elderly people or people with poor eyesight at home, such a one installed at the baseboard position LED strips are even more ideal.

▲Of course, you can also install LED light strips on the top surface and the ground to achieve the effect of shaping the visual center.

7/8: Bathroom

▲ The application of LED light strips in toilets has gradually increased, especially in the ceiling area of the sink and under the mirror cabinets.

▲Applying a circle of LED lights around the mirror cabinet can provide convenience for washing.

▲ Even many mirror cabinet manufacturers have their own light strips in their products, and they also integrate Bluetooth, music, defogging and other functions, "forcibly" the LED light strips are promoted to the bathroom.

▲ If the budget is sufficient, you can even install LED light strips around the ceiling, around the mirror cabinet, under the shelf of the bathroom cabinet, and even under the bathtub, as in the case above. The effect is even more shocking.

▲If you keep improving, you can also install an LED light strip on the top of the bathroom niche to create an elegant bathing atmosphere.

8/8 other locations

▲ There are more and more indoor applications of LED light strips. In addition to the eight positions I mentioned above, there are of course other positions that can be applied. For example, the above case not only applies LED light strips to the wall and top surface, And it's applied to the ground, it looks even more fascinating.

▲ There are even designers who apply LED light strips to the corners of the walls. Not only are they beautiful, but they don’t worry about bumping into the corner when walking, right?

▲ The application of LED light strips under the steps of the stairs and under the handrails is also a common application, which plays a role of route guidance and makes the stairs a beautiful scenery at home.

▲ In addition, there are some applications with special details. For example, in the case above, an LED light strip is installed on the column at the bar, which forms an L-shaped lighting fixture together with the linear chandelier, creating a very artistic atmosphere.

Use LED light strips in these eight positions, not to mention how beautiful the lighting at home is! Of course, the application of LED light strips can be ubiquitous indoors. What more creative applications have you seen? Please leave a message in the comment area.

I have shared so much before. Are you curious about what kind of lighting is suitable for such an interesting design?

1. COB LED Strips

This flexible COB (Chip on Board) LED strip light is perfect for background lighting, lighting in cupboards, and decorating your home. Its continuous design makes it ideal for installing in places where you don't want to see the dots of the individual LEDs, such as under cupboards above benches. It is constructed with a very flexible circuit conducting strip which the LEDs are mounted on and comes with an adhesive 3M backing.
Product review:

Features about COB LED Strips

【No Dark Area Rope Light】
A chip-on-board strip that creates the effect of a continuous stream of light. 3oz copper double-side PCB is excellent for optimal thermal management. Covered with phosphor make it have a consistency lighting outputs. Application for accent, edge, shop windows lighting.

Soft and flexible
The COB light strip uses a very soft FPC as the substrate, which can be bent greatly, is easy to shape, and is suitable for various decorations and lighting.

【Lower Energy Consumption and Higher Brightness】
This COB LED Strip Light is 10W per meter offer 1000lumen per metre bright lights, even you can use it as an alternative to daily lighting. It is dimmable means that you can select any brightness level you like.

【Very Easy to Use】
Plug and play and hardwire options available. One end weld DC female plug readily connectable to a 12V/24V/5V You can cut it short segment, after cut, you don’t need to any tools to re-connect the strips. Use yiford solderless connector, you can rejoint them in 1 second.
For how to cut/connect/power cob led strips, refer this link:
For how to use the solderless connectors,
refer this video:

Compared to the regular SMD LED Strip Lights,the highlights of COB LED Strip Lights are as follows:
Brighter and more uniform light without spots
Soft light, No glare, No eye damage
Cuttable, Bendable(0-180 degree)
Better Lumen-Per-Watt, Ratios and Heat Efficiency
Higher Color Rendering Index(CRI 90+) benefits reflection of true color

2. Silicon LED Tube Lights

Silicon led tube is a high output fixture that features either a domed top which produces a wider beam angle or a low-profile option that is perfect for flush mounting on walkways or stair casings. Its durability and weather resistance make it suitable for extreme weather conditions. Flexibility is just one of the many features which allow designers to explore organic shapes and advanced patterns,
Product review:

Flexible & easy to cut - 100% made of silicone. It can be bent freely and cut easily to modelling for its great flexibility. It’s the perfect product for you to decorate your home.

Spotless & slim - Side translucent luminous surface with neon effect (match variety types led strips, the density of led bulbs is important to the luminous performance), light up your home easily. Slim size do not take up much space. Fit LED light stripswill have better effect. Waterproof lightstrip is not recommended to be used in this led channel due to the height. Please review yiford website to choose suitable sharp and size silicon tube.

IP67 water & dust resistant - Manufactured by integral molding , with great airtight. (The end caps should be glued with sealant.) Rainproof and can be soaked in water for a short time ( Can not be soaked for a long time). Suitable for kitchen, cabinet, patio ,living room and temporary use of outdoor parties.

Easy to install - Fasten the LED strips to the string in the channel and pull it into the channel until the strip come out the other side. Screws and clips were included.

3. Linear Lights aluminum profile

This Linear Lights is perfect for installing strip light in a straight line, or if you require a diffused look. The channel is made from brushed aluminium and it has a frosted PVC cover that clips onto the channel, protecting the strip light inside. Mount it to most surfaces with glue or screws using the clips provided.

This channel is suitable for yiford non-waterproof led strips. choose the strips base on the aluminum profile size.
Product review:

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